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“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” John Maxwell

“Expansion” is the keyword for us today, as the powerhouse Sun annually conjoins Jupiter (10:41 am EDT), the largest planet in our solar system associated with”growth and opportunity.” With Sun-Jupiter, we tend to “think big.” We also are more inclined to look at the “bigger picture.” Psychologically, we don’t want to be confined or hemmed in any way now. We also tend to have more faith that things will “work out,” as long as we hold on to the dream.

Astrology refers to Jupiter as the “planet of luck” or “abundance.” It does, too, often seem to correlate with prosperity or an “easing” of circumstances. Traditionally, Jupiter has been described as having a more “protective” quality to it. Jupiter is also linked with faith, optimism (“can do spirit”), and our own sense of humor. Too, a case could be made that when we are more optimistic and positive (Jupiter), we often attract more positive things to us i.e. the “law of attraction.”

So, with Sun-Jupiter today, we should do things that help to broaden our scope of influence and make us feel that we are growing versus stagnating. It’s definitely a time to “get out of our comfort zone” (referring to the John Maxwell quote above) and do something “grand.” (Jupiter). This Sun-Jupiter conjunction is also occurring in “initiating” Aries, the adventurous sign of “new beginnings.”

Fascinatingly, a quick peak back into history also shows that the very last time the Sun and Jupiter had their meetup in pioneering Aries, “Nunavut,” an Inuit homeland, was created from the eastern portion of the Northwest Territories to become Canada’s third territory (April 1, 1999). So, Canada literally “grew” in scope with Sun conjunct Jupiter. Isn’t that cool? Also back on that date, both the Sun and Jupiter were exactly trine to transforming Pluto in visionary Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter), which was also a good time to symbolically “restructure” (Pluto) things.

The “shadow side” of Sun-Jupiter: We need to be careful that we are not too wasteful or extravagant with our resources. That we don’t “over-commit” or “over-promise.” We also need to guard against “over-indulgence.”

Some famous people born with Sun conjunct Jupiter: Mick Jagger, Woody Allen, Garth Brooks, and Anais Nin.

Famous Birthdays April 6th: Billy Dee Williams (74), Merle Haggard (74)

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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