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“Bad human communication leaves us less room to grow.” Rowan D. Williams

The pace of life notably quickens today as the Moon vacates steady Taurus for restless Gemini (7:22 am EDT), the chatty sign of communication. A time when we are more apt to want to articulate our feelings (Moon) and to also want to make “small talk,” and to kid around. The Gemini Moon is normally a period when we heartily enjoy sharing our ready stash of “one-liners.”

(Here’s one: “The man bought his wife a water bed. She calls it the “‘Dead Sea!'”)

As soon as the Moon enters Gemini, she forms a tight square to psychedelic Neptune in dreamy Pisces (7:32 am EDT), so it could be that our early morning communications are a little “spacey,” or somewhat weird or distorted (more chance of some confusion). Although Moon-Neptune does turn the volume up really high on our creative imagination and pleasure-laden fantasies. Soon afterward we also have a chance to showcase our originality, even our genius, when Luna makes an opportunity sextile to liberating, inventive Uranus in adventurous Aries (10:19 am EDT).

Another lunar highlight of the day is the Moon’s buoyant sextile to energizer Mars in Aries (3:56 pm EDT), a time when we will want to be fully engaging both our minds (Gemini) and our bodies (Aries) in things we enjoy. The Moon-Mars link also incites our competitive instincts.

Additionally, we have relationship Venus in idealistic, caring Pisces forming an awkward 150-degree aspect (quinqunx) to hard-liner Saturn in Venus-ruled matrimonial Libra. It could be that we are feeling somewhat uncomfortable or victimized (Pisces) by the demands (Saturn) that others (Libra) are placing on us now. We may need to reach some kind of compromise to preserve the peace (Libra).

Interestingly enough, the “compromising” sign of Libra also rules the U.S. Congress and today things are down to the wire with respect to needing to reach some kind of agreement regarding the federal budget, otherwise ‘nonessential” services of the U.S. govt will be shutting down. Of course, too, Pluto (ruling debt) is getting ready to station retrograde in governmental Capricorn (exact early Saturday EDT), another force at play here. We are also being fed media reports on how a “scaled-down” (purging Pluto) U.S. government would operate. On the other hand, with Sun conjunct “feel good” Jupiter yesterday, the U.S. stock market reached a two-year high. Go figure.

Famous Birthdays April 7: David Frost (72), James Garner (83). This astrologer has had a major, life-long crush on James Garner. It started when I was a child and used to watch him in the hit TV series “Maverick.” Then, later, I watched him in the “Rockford Files.” I always wanted to meet a man like James, but never did. BTW, James Garner was born with the Sun exactly conjunct Jupiter in Aries, the same expansive aspect that we just had yesterday and that I also blogged about. Can’t believe it, James is 83! Hope it’s a good one, Jim. Love ya!

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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