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The Moon remains in nurturing, receptive Cancer, for most of the day, affording us a perfect venue to display more caring and feeling. This is a very healing placement for the Moon. One thing that we may need to cultivate today, however, is practicing some moderation or temperance. This is because both thinker Mercury, and pleasure-seeking Venus, are forming more challenging aspects to excessive, boastful Jupiter, in financial Taurus, which can incline us to go overboard, especially in our spending, or to overreach in general. We are probably wise not to overpromise or overcommit ourselves today, as we could be getting in over our head. Accordingly, we will want to eye details and fine print very carefully now and not take anything for granted that is not explicitly spelled out.

Later, the Moon’s ingress into kingly Leo (9:56 pm EDT) is our cue to assume our rightful, respectable seat on the throne and exert our personal power and influence over the next couple of days. 🙂

“Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” William Shakespeare

People in the News: Speaking of royalty, highly influential, Simon Cowell, is back on TV in the U.S. with the new X-Factor, which debuted last night. Simon, a Libra Sun with a Sagittarius Moon, presently has regenerating Pluto, in ambitious Capricorn, exactly trine to his natal Pluto in work-related Virgo now. This is actually a long-term influence that he has had, off and on, for more than a year and a half, although now with Pluto stationing direct, last week, he is having it for a third and final time in his horoscope. Fascinatingly, at the inception of this influence is when Cowell first announced that he was leaving American Idol to bring the X-Factor to the U.S.

Pluto trine Pluto, an aspect we have only once in our lives, depending on how long we live, is always potentially a time when we can institute some major, transforming circumstances for ourselves. Pluto’s ray can also help to put into place, situations and or persons in our lives, that may allow us to wield more influence in the world. It is also the planet that rules the masses and governs mass appeal.  Some astrologers regard it as the planet of destiny that acquaints us with our “true mission” or “ higher purpose” in life. Or, at the very least, helps to get us involved with some activity or venture that we are very impassioned about.

Too, at the time of the show’s debut last night for 8 pm EDT, in the X-Factor’s horoscope, assertive Mars in entertainment Leo was forming a quinqunx aspect to “wounded healer” Chiron in Pisces, which was actually exact to the minute at the show’s start, with Mars at 1 degree 47 minutes of Leo and Chiron at 1 degree 47 minutes Pisces, respectively. It seemed that many of the show’s most talented contestants last night, which would be symbolized by competitive Mars in performing Leo, came from more difficult or troubled pasts (denoted by Chiron in suffering Pisces), circumstances that they were ambitiously attempting to rise above, including the last contestant, who had stated that he had just gotten out of rehab a couple months earlier for substance abuse (Pisces rules addiction). He went on to give a mesmerizing, gripping performance singing a wrap song that he had written. At the conclusion of his performance, Simon said something, to the affect, that a “star had been born.” I agreed.

Also in the X-Factor horoscope, Mars in creative Leo is applying to a trine to innovative, electrifying Uranus in spontaneous, pioneering Aries, a very good portender for unveiling performers on the show who are brilliant and very original in many regards (Uranus governs genius). This also would seem to bode well for viewership to the show. Interestingly, in Simon’s own horoscope, he has a version of this same aspect with his Libra Mars exactly sextile to Uranus in Leo, which may be one reason why he is so astute at scoping out potentially, towering talent in the entertainment arena. It’s a very futuristic, trend-setting, intuitive influence.

Did you see the X-Factor last night? If so, what did you think? Glad to see Simon and Paula back together?

Enjoy your Thursday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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