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(Moon in Aquarius forms a waxing square to the Sun in Scorpio, at 11 degrees, 5:22 am)

So, a week ago, with the New Moon in ‘penetrating’ Scorpio, we likely put some new projects or activities into motion and, with today’s First Quarter Moon in ‘detached’ Aquarius, we now have, hopefully, just enough lunar light around to see how they’re faring.

The First Quarter Moon is synonymous with a “crisis in consciousness” in which we’re motivated to take some manner of action (the square aspect) normally in wake of some new, emerging reality, which could possibly be an event or situation suddenly unfolding.

The First Quarter Moon in ‘airy’ Aquarius also suggests that there’s a need now to step back, or to emotionally distance ourselves, from the more passionate orientation of the Scorpio New Moon. There may also be a special ability now to ingeniously tinker with our burgeoning creations so that they evolve in a way that more satisfactorily suits our needs for individuality or self-expression within the collective.

“It was my letting go that gave me a better hold.” Chris Matakas

Numerologically, with it being the 4th day of the month, we also have potentially more opportunity now to build a more solid foundation for ourselves. In Tarot, the 4th card of the Major Arcana is The Emperor, suggesting an ability to act with more authority and willpower.

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Born On This Day: American humorist Will Rogers, in 1879,  in Oologah, Oklahoma.

“Never let yesterday use up too much of today.” Will Rogers

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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