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On March 9, 1959 the “Barbie doll” debuted at the American Toy Fair in New York.  Designed by Ruth Handler, Barbie was introduced by Mattel Toy Company, coming with a $3 price tag.

In the heavens that day, both the Sun (ego) and the Moon (emotions) were in the dreamy sign of Pisces, so “Barbie the doll” was a “double-Pisces.”  That means that the “Pisces traits” were more accentuated in her.

Typical Pisces characteristics: sensitive, emotional, spiritual, compassionate.   Natives of this sign look for the best in others.  They are highly romantic and love flowers, roses, poetry.

As a double-Pisces, Barbie would wholeheartedly believe in “fairy-tale endings” and living “happily ever after.”  As a Pisces doll for a little girl, Barbie would also kindle that same kind of fantasy mindset in her real life friend.

Also in Barbie’s horoscope that day, Venus (indicating what we love) was  in the “self-focused” sign of Aries.  It was throwing an “adult-themed” sextile (harmonious ray) to playful Mars in Gemini.  Mars is the planet that governs our sexual, passionate side. When Venus is favorable to Mars we more freely express, even flaunt, our sexuality.

Barbie’s introduction to the world under this grown-up “Venus Mars energy” gave all of us little girls an adult doll to play with.  It also provided us with a “perfect” adult body image from which to aspire to and pattern ourselves after. The early Barbie commercials promulgated the message “Be like Barbie.”

Venus in Aries is a more narcissistic or “self-love”  placement. It is more focused on outward appearance.  This also fits in nicely with the Barbie doll philosophy.  Barbie needs the latest fashion and personal accessories to prop up her image and feelings of beauty and self-worth. Venus in Aries also loves to be on the go “doing things.”

Pisces ruled by Neptune (illusion) loves make-up, theater and costumes.  Pisces the sign actually rules cosmetics.  I remember as a little girl when I got my very first Barbie I was so impressed by her blue eye shadow and thick black eyelashes.  Perhaps that is why when I became old enough to wear make-up, I wore the exact same “Barbie eye make-up” for years.

Both Venus and Mars were also favorable to electrifying Uranus in Barbie’s chart.  Uranus is the planet associated with sudden attractions and original creations. Barbie was most definitely an original creation and an instant hit with little girls.  And, she still is. According to statistics, two Barbie’s are sold every second somewhere in the world.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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