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How often have we heard, “It’s not what happens to you that’s important, it’s how you respond to what happens that’s important?” That sentiment is probably something that we may want to keep in mind today as we have “awakening” Uranus, the planet associated with liberation, change, and the unexpected, stationing retrograde at 8 degrees of Aries  (5:49 am EDT). Uranus will be retrograde until December 12.

When a planet stations, it tends to call more attention to itself for a few days. Of course, with the nature of Uranus being more of a wild card, traditional wisdom would suggest that we might want to do our best to remain in more of a flexible mental state instead of trying to block or resist whatever might be taking shape around us now. Remember, too, what Carl Jung said: “What you resist, persists!” Also, by adopting a mindset that precludes that what may be manifesting is for our highest good and in alignment with our soul’s purpose or destiny, can be a very positive way to fully embrace and dance with this more “unknown commodity” type of energy.

Retrograde periods are also a time when we pause and do a review of a planet’s energy to see how we have been utilizing it in our lives. Uranus stationing retrograde may find us seriously reflecting upon the more meaningful changes that have occurred in our lives recently, especially since Uranus first entered pioneering Aries, and evaluating the impact of those changes on our consciousness to date. Part of the purpose of Uranus in astrology is to metaphorically stretch us. It helps us to break free from the molds that we have been in. Its activated ray is often key in helping us to shift our perspectives. It can be a very freeing influence for us and also a very essential influence for our survival as the intrinsic nature of life is change.

This particular retrograde period of Uranus is perhaps even more pivotal because of its near exact square alignment with regenerating Pluto, the mighty god of makeovers. Uranus-Pluto suggests that transformation (Pluto) can be very freeing (Uranus), even though initially we may be visited with some degree of upheaval with it, as a natural part of the rebirthing process. As many of us into astrology know, the decade of the sixties contained Uranus conjunct Pluto, a time that saw massive cultural change and a seismic shift in values in America and elsewhere.

Rock music also exploded on the scene in the sixties, led by the British invasion of the Beatles, Stones, and other groups into the U.S. The music became a major vehicle itself for helping to shift the collective consciousness. Ironically, on the eve of Uranus stationing retrograde now, in its first tight square to Pluto since its conjunction with it back in the sixties, the Rolling Stones celebrated and publicly reflected upon their 50 years together as a band and what it was like for them in the early days, including their experience of the culture at the time.

It was on July 12, 1962 that the Rolling Stones first appeared together at London’s Marquee Club. On that date, Venus was also conjunct Uranus in entertainment Leo. When Venus and Uranus align, there can be an electrifying chemistry (Uranus) occurring in relationships (Venus). Venus also symbolically depicts artists and musicians and combined with innovative and revolutionizing Uranus, there can be a birthing of great creativity and genius in these areas. What is also very cool is that Paul McCartney and John Lennon both met each other for the very first time with this same Venus-Uranus aspect in Leo. How’s that for synchronicity?

Expansive Jupiter was trining Neptune and form-builder Saturn was also squaring Neptune when the Stones debuted. Neptune is the ruler of our imagination and also the higher octave of Venus. Neptune is also associated with music, transcendental  meditation, psychedelic drugs, and the urge for escape.

We will also want to note the house in our personal horoscopes where Uranus is stationing retrograde as that is the area of life that is especially open for review now, especially from a consciousness standpoint. Some of the questions we may want to ask ourselves: “How am I breaking out of my mold in this realm of life?” “How has my perspective shifted, so far, on the matters connected with this house?” “What opportunities do I have to be original here, or to display my individuality?” “My self-sufficiency?” “What might I be rebelling against in this area of my life?” “What events have happened in this life sector that I was not expecting and what has changed for me since these things have occurred?

Patrice Thompson is a Life Coach for Women. She partners with clients who are desiring to take their lives, businesses, or careers to the next level. To contact Patrice about coaching, you may email her at CoachPatrice@aol.com

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