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“The Moon shuts off the beams of the Sun as it passes across it, and darkens so much of the earth as the breath of the blue-eyed Moon amounts to.” Empedocles

The New Moon today at 11 degrees of communicative, idea-minded Gemini (5:03 pm EDT) is also a Solar Eclipse. It is the first of three eclipses that we will be having over the course of the next month (the others are June 15th and July 1st). While a New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, a Solar Eclipse denotes endings, so we will be experiencing a mix of both here.

Eclipses are traditionally viewed in astrology as potentially high-impact events with their influence lasting for up to six months, although the “biggest pop” from them often occurs right when they happen, or within a few days before or after the event. In my own life, for instance, I have had major events happen on eclipse days, so I have learned to dole out to them a healthy level of respect and reverence.

We also need to be mindful of the house (or area of life) in our personal horoscope that this Solar Eclipse is falling in, to get a greater awareness for its meaning and possible impact, as that sphere of life is being highly activated now. Also, very importantly, we need to note whether or not the lunation is making aspects to other planets or to important angles (ASC, MC) in our chart. If it is, chances are good that we will be feeling more of the potency of the Eclipse. Especially sensitized now are planets or points in the chart at 8 to 14 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Today’s lunation is harmoniously trine to responsible, stabilizing Saturn, with Saturn representing the safety or security urge, so it could be that overall conditions in our lives may improve, that we are able to advance or forge ahead, to some degree, or that some of our pet projects may finally be able to gain traction.We may also just feel more self-confident about our ability to handle difficult or problematic situations now, as Saturn can give us firm resolve and determination, which, at the end of the day, can be a huge thing (“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” from the Book of Proverbs).

Saturn is also in partnership Libra, the sign of diplomacy and also where it is exalted, suggesting the period ahead may be constructive for effectively broaching our more serious (Saturn) relationship issues, including discussing perhaps matters of commitment. (On a collective level, this Eclipse may also be a very good period for attempts at waging diplomacy between countries.)

It may also be an especially good time for having “boundary-type (Saturn) discussions” (Gemini) in which we detail to others what our needs and wants are within the confines of our relationships (Libra), in an effort to have more meaningful, healthy unions that function better. Saturn, on the whole, is concerned with matters of self-preservation, fortifying our positions, and creating practical efficiencies, and these things are often achieved through honest, serious confrontations, in which we speak the truth. Discerning Saturn helps foster within us a more mature, insightful outlook, as well as bestowing a modicum of wisdom and caution based on our experiences.

The lunation in communicator Gemini also helps to kindle a sincere desire for discussion, learning, and sharing our thoughts and ideas, and it can also inspire brilliance within us. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, will also be exiting slower, more deliberate Taurus for Gemini, the day after this Eclipse, which should also help to boost or speed up our cognitive abilities.

Saturn has also been retrograde since January but is getting ready to move direct in Libra on June 12th, another indicator that we may be able to leap forward with our goals, especially in the relationship realm, after, hopefully, knowing more about  what we want for ourselves (Saturn retrograde is a time of reflection). If we are also seeking to expand our scope of close relationships, or business ties, Saturn’s enabling ray may be a positive factor in helping attract to us more anchoring type individuals who help us to feel more grounded. Saturn specifically denotes older, more experienced type persons, or at least, more serious types.

In some cases, too, today’s Eclipse may set the stage for the pruning away (Saturn) of ties (and situations) that are no longer needed, or that have run their natural course. Of course, sometimes these relationships can also come to an end against our wishes.

Perhaps a positive assist and inspiration here for dealing with any difficult endings or transitions now is the flexible Gemini Moon itself, which helps to give us greater adaptability with respect to coping with change. The intellectual Moon in Gemini is less weighed down by emotional baggage and has a much easier time detaching from its feelings (the trine to Saturn also again helps us to psychologically pare down).

Gemini perpetually seeks out new experiences as new options for growth. In the body, Gemini fittingly rules the lungs and the breath. The constant inhaling and exhaling process perfectly depicts the restless, curious, interactive nature of this sign, and also addresses and showcases how many of us may be feeling now with this Eclipse, that we must keep moving, taking in new sights and new ideas, exhaling yesterday’s experiences, viewpoints and opinions, as old news, no longer relevant.

In general, today’s Solar Eclipse in “I think” Gemini is a big boon for any writing, reading, or research projects, as Gemini loves disseminating and collecting information. It also favors public speaking engagements, stand up comedy acts, travel (especially short trips), involvement in social media activities, events with siblings, taking or teaching new classes, learning new languages, expanding our vocabulary, purchasing phone equipment, and attending to transportation (Gemini) matters.

Famous people with Moon in Gemini: Bette Davis, Roseanne Barr, George Carlin, Goldie Hawn, Fred Astaire, Gwyneth Paltrow.

NEWS UPDATE: Interestingly, on the eve of this Gemini Eclipse, a big communication (Gemini) news story has just come out about cell phones and how they may possibly cause brain cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) said some cell phones are as dangerous as lead and engine exhaust. The FCC and FDA, however, say they are safe. (From KABC Los Angeles, link to story down below).

Also, more communications news: Today Sprint Nextel Corp reportedly filed a petition with the FCC to block AT&T and T-Mobile USA’s merger plans (bizjournals.com)

Enjoy this exciting Eclipse Day! Set powerful intentions.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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