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“Sometimes I think I need a spare heart to feel all the things I feel.” Sanober Khan

Luna, still in her Waxing phase in protective Cancer, forms an opposition to both transformative Pluto (at 12:01 pm) and abundant Jupiter (at 3:29 pm) today. Both of these planets have been in conjunction with each other since early April.

The more intense Moon-Pluto aspect often allows us to experience our raw emotion, including sampling what has perhaps been buried deep inside the caverns of our subconscious. Accordingly, this is a great time for journaling or psychotherapy as penetrating new insights may bubble up into our conscious awareness potentially having a healing or regenerative impact upon us. On another level, this aspect can also predispose us to want to take more control of various elements in our life, including possibly desiring to purge or phase things out of it that are no longer working. In some instances, we may need to fix, repair, or salvage situations.

Meanwhile, the Moon’s opposition to philosophical Jupiter tends to make us feel more buoyant and optimistic as well as generous and altruistic. It’s excellent for teaching or learning new things. It’s also a positive time for dealing with more large-scale issues or for collaborating with foreign entities.

Luna will also shift into dramatic Leo, later tonight (9:06 pm), and form a First Quarter Square to the Sun in Taurus, tomorrow afternoon. Too, intellectual Mercury is having its annual conjunction with innovative, breakthrough Uranus, tomorrow.

Born On This Day: American Country Singer Willie Nelson (On The Road Again). Nelson, who was born in Abbott, Texas, is turning 87 today!

“I don’t believe in adhering to any rules I don’t support and I didn’t vote for. To hell with what people think. Just be who you are and you’ll be happy.” W.N.

Hope it’s a good one! Be safe and well.

Patrice Thompson 

Klee, Rose Clover, Trifolium Incarnatum

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