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“Self-defense is nature’s eldest law.” John Dryden

With the “illuminating” Sun squaring “guarded” Saturn today (12:14 am EDT) we may feel more of a desire us to protect our own interests now, as Saturn symbolically represents our need for security. This may also translate into setting boundaries around areas that are dear to us. Too, sometimes setting appropriate boundaries can be an important form of self-care. Or put another way, a boundary can be viewed as a safe harbor container for our energy. Boundaries help us to conserve our resources so we are not all over the place. They also help us to construct and communicate our individual identities.

Additionally, the Moon in communication Gemini serves us well here as it can help us to articulate our feelings in an effective manner so people know where we stand on things. When we are unable to communicate our needs or desires is when we often run the risk of having our boundaries compromised or misunderstood. “Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few.” Pythagoras

Famous July 15 Birthdays: Jesse Venture, Linda Ronstadt. “The thing that you have to be prepared for is that other people don’t always dream your dream.” Linda Ronstadt

Entertainment News Update: I happened to see on Twitter this morning that the Bruce Springsteen-Paul McCartney concert at London’s Hyde Park was silenced last night after the two reportedly defied a 10:30 pm curfew. Of course, as an astrologer, I immediately got to thinking about the nature of the more restrictive (sometimes punitive) Sun square Saturn aspect in operation now. Karma Lord Saturn has often been likened to a paternal authority figure. Saturn typically has no problem taking us to task when we do not play by the rules, as this planet can be a stickler for conformity. Ironically, Saturn is also associated with hearing issues and deafness and these two iconic entertainers had their performances silenced. Too, communicator Mercury just went retrograde yesterday in entertainment Leo. 🙂

What is it that you feel you must you defend at all costs? What gives you a sense of security? How might others know you by your boundaries?

Patrice Thompson is a Life Coach for Women. She partners with clients who are desiring to take their lives, businesses, or careers to the next level. To contact Patrice about coaching, you may email her at CoachPatrice@aol.com

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