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Mercury, ruler of thought, communication,  and travel, stations direct at 18 degrees of authoritative Leo today (6:05 pm EDT) giving us the cosmic go ahead to gradually resume forward motion with our bright ideas. Especially those ideas related to the sector of our personal horoscope that houses the sign of Leo.

Mercury is also getting ready to make an off-kilter, 135-degree hookup with maverick Uranus (1:24 am EDT Saturday), so our mental plates are still a little full now, even with the direct motion.  Uranus delights in throwing us curve balls that often demand rapid, clever responses on our part. Uranus helps to foster our originality and brilliance, although it can also make us a little cranky or rebellious in the process.

We are actually privy to a double-dose of unsettled Uranian energy today as the Sun in methodical Virgo is applying to an awkward quinqunx to that planet (3:25 am EDT Saturday). Too, we still have the weird Saturn-Neptune sesquiquadrate aspect which encourages us to develop our levitation skills while it temporarily pulls the rug out from under us. 🙂 At least it can sometimes feel that way with this disintegrating configuration, that we are in a more precarious or uncertain position with fewer safeguards at our disposal. Of course, if we keep our eyes steadfast on our long-term goals, that strategy can help to sustain us through any rough patches now. We may also want to try to aim for more mental detachment, if we are feeling overwhelmed.

The waning Moon also enters self-expressive Leo today (12:09 pm EDT) helping us to personally shine. With the Moon in a fire sign, it is an excellent time for doing weeding. Also for getting our hair cut. Too, the waning Moon is perfect for any purging or recycling projects.

Enjoy your Friday!

Patrice Thompson

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