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While we are still jazzed about the new options before us, in the aftermath of Sunday’s sizzling solar eclipse in excitable Gemini, today we have more time for reflection and evaluation with intellectual Mercury in a quinqunx aspect to skeptical Saturn. This more awkward blend of energy is meant to provide us with a reality check. Mercury-Saturn suggests that we may need to apply some technical know-how now to our ideas, to make sure they can really fly. Also, with Saturn in Libra, the sign of others, it could be that this awareness manifests in the form of other people providing us with their opinions or input about what they think is best for us.

Sometimes, too, with Mercury Saturn, our voice (Mercury) is literally or symbolically muted (Saturn). We are more fearful of speaking up. If we are feeling this way now, we may want to curiously go deeper with this thread and see where it leads. We may find that it is originating from a self-limiting belief about ourselves that we need to address. “Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud.” Hermann Hesse

Famous People with Moon in Gemini: Howard Cosell, Jack Benny, Betty Davis, Goldie Hawn.

What topics give you energy when you discuss them? What topics tend to drain you?

Enjoy your Monday!

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