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“After being in Harry Potter, I believe a bit more in magic than I did before.” Rupert Grint

We just may be able to pull a few rabbits out of the hat with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees of clever Gemini (7:47 pm EDT) – the sign of thinking, communication, travel and transportation. New Moons herald new beginnings. Since this one is also a Solar Eclipse its impact is ramped up and extended (3 to 6 months).

Those most affected by this event will likely have planets within 5 degrees of the 0 degree mark of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). The house (or area of life) that this eclipse is falling in will provide the backdrop for this new start.

This lunation – which is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon – forms a tight square to psychedelic Neptune in oceanic Pisces,  suggesting that we may be doing a little bit of skinny dipping into the fertile waters of our imagination now to write this new chapter in our life. But, watch out! There’s no telling what may wash ashore with the curious Sun and Moon in Gemini being whimsically guided by master magician Neptune. If things appear too good to be true now, they probably are. Especially the glorious vision of George Clooney begging us to sail away with him on the Good Ship Lollipop for ole’ time’s sake. 🙂

Perennially a temptation with Neptune is a tendency to engage in wishful thinking. We also do not care to be reminded now that a rose also has a thorny stem.  Gemini is a very cerebral sign; however, aligned with Neptune our emotions and dreaminess tends to permeate our thoughts and reasoning.

Someone who has seemingly managed to masterfully integrate his imagination and idealism into his life’s work and self-expression is Paul McCartney. In a way, Paul is a good template for this eclipse as he not only has “magical mystery tour” Neptune exactly conjunct his Virgo Ascendant (how he views the world), he is also a Gemini Sun and Neptune exactly squares his Sun (what we have now). Granted, Paul is a rare, musical genius and most of us are not as gifted. But we still do have the ability to pick up that pole and go fishing within for the true answers.

Too, intellectual Mercury – Gemini’s ruler – is conjunct fortuitous Jupiter now. Both are together in grounded Taurus. This bodes well for our ability to not only think big but to also manifest what we see before us in our mind’s eye. The trick being – with the Moon and Sun in restless Gemini square fairy-tale Neptune – we will probably need to carefully pace ourselves and aim to bring one vision at a time to a satisfactory completion; otherwise, we run the risk of going adrift because we do not have our sail cast in any particular direction.

New Moon in Gemini activities: writing, blogging, reading, reporting, speaking, teaching, attending classes or lectures, short trips, sightseeing, visits with neighbors or siblings, sales, open air concerts, shopping for autos, cell phones, books.

What do you fantasize about? What fantasy would you most like to see come true for yourself? How committed are you to making your dreams reality?

Happy Eclipse Blessings!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2012

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