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Re-birthing Agent Pluto, denoting power and transition, is exactly conjunct the Growth Oriented North Node in Capricorn today. Capricorn is a sign associated with worldly ambition and achievement.

Symbolically, this is an excellent time for us to reflect upon and embrace our own power (Pluto). Also, to perhaps review how we have wielded our power in the past to attain the things that we desired. Are we satisfied with how we have used our power, to date? Or, do we maybe need to “retool” (Pluto) how we “leverage our power” in the future?

Too, we may want to use this time to give an accounting of some of our past actions to others. Pluto confers upon us “penetrating insight” into the past, and the sign that it rules, Scorpio, denotes joint resources, or how we characteristically share what we have (our power) with others. It could be that we gain closure now, for ourselves and others, by explaining why we have behaved certain ways in the past.

With the regenerative properties of Pluto well-established, too, this may also be an ideal time to “re-fashion” or “revitalize” our image, especially our public image and worldly reputation (Capricorn). We also may want to “tweak” or even “totally revamp” our higher goals for ourselves (Capricorn) in wake of emerging new awareness (Pluto) of our destiny (North Node).

Fascinatingly, Former President George W. Bush’s new memoir, “Decision Points” is being released today (Bush has the transiting expansive Jupiter at 23 degrees of Pisces now exactly conjunct his 9th house cusp of publishing and self-promotion.  Jupiter also rules books.). As President of the U.S., Bush held what is widely regarded as the “most powerful position in the world” and now, with Pluto (Power) exactly conjunct the North Node in Strategizing Capricorn, he is revealing to the rest of the world, through his memoir and in media interviews, what it was like for him when he was seated in the Oval Office. He is detailing and explaining why he chose to use his power (Pluto) the way that he did, what led him to make the decisions that he made.

As part of writing his memoir, he also seems to be wanting to “regenerate” or “revive” (Pluto) his personal image, and no doubt wanting to re-cast (Pluto) his presidency in a more “positive light” for the future (North Node), something that is, of course, typical for former presidents to want to do, once they have left that office.

With Pluto conjunct the North Node it behooves us to be thinking seriously about our legacy, or what we will be leaving behind when we are gone.  Legacy is something that falls under Pluto’s domain, and the North Node of the Moon symbolically speaks to us about “the karma” that we have specifically chosen to undertake in this lifetime.

On another level, we may also want to pay close attention to other “Pluto-type” (power, reform, legacy) stories in the news now, to see how this Pluto-North Node conjunction is playing out in the collective.  Often what appears to be happening “outside of us,” in the end, can also have special meaning and significance for our own personal lives. We can always learn from everything, and always draw parallels to our own situations, if we only take the time to “connect the dots.”

Yesterday, for instance, Oprah Winfrey did a show with members of Michael Jackson’s family and his children, and viewers of the show got to glimpse a side of Michael’s private life that perhaps had never been made public before, especially his personal relationship with his children. Pluto’s ray, when activated, can reveal to us what has previously been “kept secret.” Pluto, as ruler of the subconscious, naturally signifies what is “hidden or submerged.”

Again, if you saw the Oprah interview, you also witnessed part of the living legacy (Pluto) that Michael has left behind, especially his children. I was personally very touched and moved by how much his children really loved him, even worshiped him.

When Oprah asked Michael’s daughter, Paris, what she “missed the most” about her dad, she said, “everything.”  That was a very powerful moment, and also again, “very Pluto.” Pluto rules those emotional experiences that resonate with us “at the very core” of our being.

Too, we think about the amazing “musical legacy” that Michael left the world. But, at the end of the day, if Michael were alive today, he may very well say, after that Oprah interview, that the single thing that he was “proudest of,” was that “one word comment” made by Paris to Oprah, knowing that he was able to affect his daughter in such a positive way as a father.

Elsewhere, we are also hearing about the ongoing chaos ensuing from the eruption of Mount Merapi in Indonesia. Pluto fittingly rules volcanoes, with a volcanic eruption a graphic example of the “expulsion of contents” from deep within its core. (Pluto) Again, one parallel here for our individual lives is: We all “blow our stacks” too!

On Monday, Steven Hayes was sentenced to death by a jury in Connecticut for his role in a grisly triple killing during a home invasion, a high-profile news story from the past that also speaks to the “dark side” of Pluto. The “shadow side” of Pluto is associated with cold-blooded murder and torture, an absolute “abomination of power” that, to most of us, is in impossible to understand.

Elizabeth Smart is additionally recounting, in a courtroom today, her previous abduction and sexual molestation (Pluto’s “shadow side” rules “forced sex” and “enslavement”). Also, there is a story breaking about “69 child prostitutes” being rescued in the U.S. and “99 pimps” being arrested. The “unenlightened” side of Pluto, too, is associated with manipulation and exploitation.

Yet, in another late breaking news story today, there is word that about $40 million in holocaust (Pluto) reparations have been stolen in a massive scam (another manifestation of Pluto exploitation at its worst).

So, with Pluto-North Node now, we are collectively being made aware of things that we were previously “in the dark” about. Too, with Pluto, ruling “the underworld,” there can often be a very sinister and darker nature to the events that unfold around its energy. Of course, it should also be interjected here that, how we choose to “use our power,” (Pluto) is ultimately up to us.  We can use our power to “do good,” or we can use our power in a harmful, controlling way that hurts others, and eventually suffer the dire consequences.

Also, back to “image-building” a moment. President Obama seems to be doing some “edifying” of his own persona on the world stage now and also trying to put forward ideas that could be characterized as having “a new spin”  to them (Pluto).  He was in India yesterday, for example, and talked there about the relationship the U.S. has with India, and how he would like to “retool it” (Pluto) in such a way that Americans do not regard India as a place to which “jobs are outsourced,” but rather see it as a place where new jobs for Americans can be created.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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