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On This Date In History:

On October 20, 1968, former “First Lady” Jackie Kennedy weds wealthy Greek shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis. Aristotle’s private island “Skorpios” in the Ionian Sea is the site for this historic event.

In Jackie’s and Aristotle’s “wedding chart” that day (time unknown for the service), Venus, the Goddess of Love and Marriage, was in Possessive Scorpio and in an “out-of-sign” sextile to Non-conforming Uranus in Marital Libra.  When Venus is aligned with Uranus we often see “unusual pairings” taking place.  Venus-Uranus is often “non-traditional” and tends to bring about alliances between very different kinds of persons.   When Frank Sinatra met Mia Farrow, for instance, he had Venus-Uranus prominent in his chart. Venus-Uranus craves excitement and embraces relationships that are “out of the norm.” Additionally, Paul McCartney met John Lennon when Venus-Uranus was exact in the heavens.  It can be an aspect of “sudden attraction.”

Interestingly, Jupiter, the traditional planet of “good fortune and abundance,” was also in a tight conjunction to Pluto. Pluto is associated with “mega-money,” especially when aligned with “lucky” and “expansive” Jupiter. Jupiter and Pluto were in Practical, Dutiful Virgo and harmonious to Sea-Faring Neptune in the sign of Joint Resources Scorpio (Aristotle’s wealth was from Neptunian-ruled shipping). It has been reported that a main reason Jackie married Aristotle was out of a need for privacy and security for her children, which would fit the practical, stabilizing Virgo-Scorpio energy.

Venus, at 29 degrees of Scorpio, was also separating from a Glamourizing, Idealistic conjunction with Neptune at 25 of Scorpio. With Venus-Neptune, there can be a lot of fantasy and make-believe at the core of the relationship, as Neptune is the ruler of our imagination and dreams. Venus-Neptune relationships are often hard to “see clearly,”  as Neptune characteristically looks at romance through “rose-colored glasses.” Venus-Neptune tends to “idolize the partner,” sees him or her as a “savior.” Venus-Neptune relationships can sometimes contain “martyrdom” elements to them as well, as Neptune often denotes ego-denying experiences.

Also, in Jackie’s case, Venus-Neptune literally symbolized a “romance involving aspects of the sea,” as Aristotle made his livelihood from the sea.

Venus additionally was at an “anaretic degree” of Scorpio (meaning the last degree of a sign), which can signal a “sense of urgency” to the relationship and romance. (Too, in a few years, Jackie would later end up a “widow,” with Scorpio the sign of “transition.”)

Jackie, who was a proud, charismatic Leo with a Private Scorpio rising and an Adventurous Aries Moon, also had in her personal horoscope then, Stabilizing Saturn transiting at 21 degrees of Libra exactly trine to her natal Venus at 21 degrees of Gemini. Venus also rules her 7th house of marriage.  With Venus-Saturn, we often forge relationships with older individuals (which Saturn denotes) and often these relationships are based on security needs. Venus not only rules relationships it also rules money. Saturn was also getting ready to move into Jackie’s twelfth house of seclusion, a period when we often seek a “personal retreat” from the outside world.

Aristotle, an Ambitious Capricorn with a Travel-Happy Sagittarius Moon, had transiting Jupiter and Pluto in Virgo exactly trine to his natal Venus in Capricorn in his horoscope when he married Jackie.  Venus-Pluto can represent a “transforming passion” in our lives, and it sometimes synonymous with “bringing us our soulmate.” (Pluto denotes past lives.)

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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