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“Action conquers fear.” Peter Nivio Zarlenga

The Moon’s ingress into pioneering Aries (4:24 am EDT) stokes our desire for new adventures. The Moon’s conjunction with change-agent Uranus (1:24 pm EDT) also acts to propel us into the future and potentially provides us with more of a platform to “do our own thing,” which the Aries Moon is already very receptive to doing. Rebel Uranus is associated with individuality and non-conformity. It encourages us not to render cookie-cutter responses, so this alignment can be very refreshing and rejuvenating for us, if we are but willing to be our true, authentic selves.

Later on, possible resistance from others to our plans, in the guise of the Moon’s square to controlling Pluto (5:08 pm EDT), in authoritative Capricorn, may have us wanting to retreat back to our Cancerian Sun “crab shells.” This may, indeed, be a very good time to go inside ourselves and examine our behavior and see if there is maybe something that we can either fix or purge (Pluto) that will help us to reunite more with our own sense of power, so we will feel less threatened or bothered by things external to us in the future.

Moon-Pluto can make us stronger by eliminating what is weaker or dead weight within us. Pluto governs the subconscious, and Pluto is always very ready to confer upon us deep insight, if we are willing to work with it. Moon-Pluto can be a very effective cathartic or healing agent. This configuration is also linked with actual surgery.

What would you like to reform or change about yourself? Anything?

Celebrity News:  Actor George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis have reportedly split up after a two-year courtship. George (born 5/6/61) has transiting Saturn in Libra in his 7th house of partnerships now opposing his “love goddess” Venus in Aries in his first house of new beginnings.

This is, unfortunately, a textbook divorce or separation aspect. This is partly because Venus-Saturn often tends to make us feel “cut off” from others (Saturn inhibits our expression). Then, of course, when we get to feeling this way, we often end up erecting even more walls around us, which is not favorable or conducive for romance.

Too, this Venus-Saturn aspect can also simply indicate, that we have outgrown a relationship and that it is, indeed, time to move on, as Saturn does equate with natural endings and Venus rules relationships. Sometimes, too, with this influence, our ambitions and goals for ourselves, which are also denoted by Saturn, come in conflict with our relationship needs and we have no choice but to make certain adjustments in our lives. Either certain goals and ambitions go, or the relationships go, etc. Too, I am only talking in a general sense here about this aspect. I have no idea what, in reality, led to George’s breakup.

With that said, George’s horoscope also suggests that he tends to be a very private and emotionally guarded person, to begin with, as he has his Moon, ruling his feelings and women, tightly conjunct his Saturn in Capricorn, the sign that Saturn rules. In general, this more complex configuration makes it easier for a person to live by themselves (bachelor), as they naturally don’t feel so compelled to share their innermost feelings with others. A large part of why we have romantic relationships is to share what we are feeling inside.

Plus, being a famous actor, he does have ample opportunity to vent his feelings on a world stage, vicariously playing different roles, and that may be enough emoting for him. Too, being so famous, he also probably needs to be a little defensive, at times, with others, to curb exploitation, gossip, etc. At any rate, I would think that Moon conjunct Saturn would despise living a fish bowl type of existence, and would vie for as much privacy as possible. George does have his assertive Mars in colorful, theatrical Leo, though, too, so he does know how to confidently handle himself and his affairs, and people will like him regardless. That planetary influence helps to make him very charismatic, especially with Mars in his fifth house of self-expression.

George’s Venus in flirtatious, “conquest-oriented” Aries, also suggests that he requires plenty of freedom in romance, and that he also ideally does best with a partner who is very independent like himself. I also, unfortunately, don’t have Elisabetta’s birth chart to see what she has going on at the moment. Anyway, I wish both of them well. Breakups are never any fun.

Enjoy your Thursday! Too, don’t be afraid to “do your own thing!” Remember, we are receiving that high-voltage prompting from Moon-Uranus today. We may even want to put on the hippie beads and bell bottoms. 🙂

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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