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“What the younger generation didn’t understand was that the grass was greenest where it’s watered..” Nicholas Sparks

Tonight’s New Moon (9:17 pm) occurs at 18 degrees of nurturing, protective Cancer, a sign represented by the hard-crusted crab. This is a natural time for new starts that focus on such things as enhancing our sense of safety, security, comfort, or self-care; firming up our familial, tribal, or ancestral ties; allowing ourselves to be rejuvenated/sensitized by the full range or gamut of our emotions, including a willingness to embrace our vulnerabilities or shadow side.

This lunation is also trined by transcendental Neptune retrograde in Pisces, possibly suggesting (at least for some of us, perhaps) a wish to link up to our Divine underpinnings in some palpable way. Neptune’s ray here also tends to enlist our compassion, creativity, and imagination.

Too, our nocturnal dreams may contain potent symbolism or special messages for our life now so we might want to place a personal journal under our pillow so as to capture any of these renderings. (And to maybe goad on us a bit, in this regard: It has been reported that Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones got the embryo of the band’s hit song ‘Satisfaction’ in a dream, which would go on to become the group’s first #1 single in the US on July 10, 1965. Also, Beatle Paul McCartney supposedly composed the melody for ‘Yesterday’ while catching some Z’s. )

Numerologically, today is a “3” and “9” day.  Typically boding well for communication, curiosity, and open-mindedness. Nine is also a symbol of completion and is thought to have a higher vibrational frequency, a reality which is associated with feeling a greater sense of personal power as well as experiencing greater clarity, peace, love, and joy.

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On This Day in History: On July 9, 1893, the first successful open-heart surgery took place on Chicago’s South Side. The patient was a young man with a knife wound to the chest from a barroom brawl. The surgeon, who had gone into medicine because he disliked earlier work as a shoemaker’s apprentice, was Dr. Daniel Hale Williams. Williams, an African American, also founded Provident Hospital in 1891, the first Black-owned hospital in the U.S. which had an interracial staff. Provident Hospital is also where this pioneering surgery took place. (Chicago Tribune and History.com)

Astrologically, that day, Mars, which rules surgery, was deposited in Leo, the sign of the heart (where it also is today). Mars was also part of a trio of planets conjunct in that sign then (Mercury and Venus were the other two). Mars was also exactly sextile to Saturn in Libra, which is an excellent aspect for concentration and for harnessing/maximizing expertise or a skillset. Additionally, Mars was exactly square to innovative Uranus in the rebirthing sign of Scorpio, an aspect that naturally lends itself to experimentation and or devising/using new methods.  

Happy New Moon blessings to you!

Patrice Thompson

She Crab, Fiddler Crab, Brackish

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