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“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.” Albert Einstein, a Pisces Sun.

Fantasy Neptune, ruler of our imagination and also the urge for escape, is captaining our ‘good ship lollipop’ today in oceanic Pisces. This is because not only do we have a Neptune-ruled, dreamy Pisces Moon all day, we also have the Sun in nesting Cancer trining inspirational Neptune. And, energizer Mars in idea Gemini is squaring Neptune.

With Neptune’s illusory ray so prominent now it is much easier for us to “go adrift,” so we need to be extra mindful about holding ourselves accountable with respect to whatever it is that we want to accomplish today. Although, at the same time, it may also be wise for us not to stack too much on our plates, if we can. Especially work that calls for strict attention to details or facts and figures.

Too, we do have the Pisces Moon void of course all day, so it is best to stick with old projects instead of undertaking anything new. We also are encouraged to focus our energies on more creative venues (film, photography, painting, dance, poetry). Immersion in more spiritual or mystical pursuits also serves us well now, as Neptune is our portal to Divine forces.

Also, if something seems a little fishy to us today, chances are good that it is and we may need to arm ourselves with a healthy dose of skepticism. Neptune, on the shadow side, characteristically has a way of pulling the proverbial wool over our eyes. It is the planet that is formally linked with deception, either self-deception or deception from others (con men). It is also tied with scandal and weird incidents in general (especially the Mars square Neptune aspect). Often the kind of strange stuff that we hear about, that has us scratching our heads, wondering what in the world a person was thinking? Neptune’s classic calling card. 🙂

In the News: President Obama is reportedly planning on addressing the nation tonight from the White House to discuss his plan for the withdrawal of armed forces from Afghanistan, something which is quite fascinating from an astrological standpoint, as we have Mars, governing war and the military, exactly square to Neptune which tends to act as a dissolving agent (diminishing the troop strength in this instance). Neptune is, in fact, known as the “Great Dissolver.”

From research I have done over the years, too, Neptune’s ray often figures prominently in historic peace efforts and treaty signings, reflective perhaps of Neptune’s overriding desire for “oneness,” or for a unified world “without division.”

One more thing. Gotta’ love this “fishy” Neptunian headline in the news today: “Chinese Find 55-foot sea monster!” Reportedly, the “sea monster” washed up on a beach in Guangdong, China. It’s decaying body weighed in at 4.5 tons. Unfortunately, the decomposition was too advanced to ID the remains.

Enjoy your Wednesday! But, be careful about drinking too much of the hallucinatory, Neptunian “Kool-Aid.” Don’t want you to have a hangover. Always trying to do our best to look out for you here. 🙂

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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