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Today’s Solar Eclipse in “mature, parental” Capricorn, at 4 degrees of the sign (12:13 am), potentially provides us with a realistic snapshot or assessment of our wondrous, enviable lives as well as hopefully supplying us with some practical, hands-on Saturnian wisdom on how to best nudge ourselves forward, in 2020, so we can make it to the top of that glorious, ever-beckoning mountaintop. Capricorn is a very outwardly ambitious sign keenly interested in leaving its industrious mark upon the world.

This is an excellent lunation period for our annual goal-setting, taking inventory of our strengths and weaknesses, eyeing our responsibilities or duties, evaluating and or restructuring our commitments, including deciding what it is that we may need to phase out now in order to forge ahead in the exciting new decade that is, already, less than a week away.

What’s also great about today’s Solar Eclipse (which basically acts as an “amped-up” New Moon) is that it’s conjunct propitious Jupiter, the planet of growth and opportunity. It’s also forming a flowing trine to non-conforming Uranus RX, which symbolizes innovation and change, and is deposited in materially-minded Taurus. These two harmonizing aspects will ideally help us to feel more optimistic or enthused about our future (including our careers and finances) and also possibly more willing to make any necessary creative alterations so that we can re-structure our playing field in such a way that our individuality and authenticity shine through in a manner that feels very liberating to us. If we’ve been feeling stifled or stuck, this lunation will hopefully help us to turn a new, progressive corner. New Moons are linked, as well, with embarking upon new beginnings.

This is also a perfect period for instituting positive daily practices or habits that can, over the long-term, allow us to become more self-actualized, or more complete versions of our best selves. With the more serious “nose to the grindstone” Capricorn energy, we’re naturally focused now on doing the requisite inner and outer work that’s needed in achieving self-mastery, which is really, of course, part of a lifelong process that we gradually attain in stages, although since eclipses can sometimes “speed things up,” it’s very possible that we’re also able to make a giant leap forward now, at least in terms of expanding our consciousness, where it basically all begins, anyway.

“Let him who would move the world first move himself.” Socrates

Generally, eclipses and eclipse points are also felt or remain charged for up to six months. Since July of 2018, we’ve been experiencing eclipses along the Cancer-Capricorn axis, with a Lunar Eclipse in familial Cancer, slated for January 10th, which is two days before the exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

Some questions that we may also want to ask ourselves now with this Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: How might I be able to conserve more of my time, energy, and resources and yet still get ahead? What one thing could I achieve, in the outer world, that would greatly add to my sense of personal fulfillment? How might I view my perceived personal restrictions or limitations as gifts or opportunities? If I could wave a magic wand and eliminate my fears, how would my present life be different?

Numerologically, there’s also a lot of intensity to the day with it being an “8” day (the 26th). Often on “8” days, we’re more inclined to face down our fears, particularly if they’re getting in the way of what we’re wanting to achieve. There can also be more of an inner desire now for wielding our power or influence. I also like that the Solar Eclipse is occurring at “4” degrees of Capricorn, which is a strong, solid foundational number, really helping us to get rooted for “2020,” which is also a “4” year.

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Born On This Day: American writer Henry Miller, in 1891, who once quipped: One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.

Happy Eclipse Blessings to you!

Patrice Thompson

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