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“Variety is the soul of pleasure.” Aphra Behn

Love goddess Venus, signifying what gives us pleasure, pairs up with liberating Uranus via the sextile aspect (9:49 am EST). We also have sort of a doubly whammy going on here because, later in the day, Venus exits practical Capricorn for avant-garde Aquarius (9:39 pm EST), the philanthropic sign of friendships that is also ruled by the planet Uranus. Venus will stay in Aquarius until March 27th.

Venus in electrifying Aquarius can make our love desires more unconventional or non-traditional. We may strike up alliances with persons we normally would not get involved with, in our enthusiastic quest to seek out more unusual interests or pastimes. We may also desire more personal freedom within the love arena. Aquarius characteristically likes to “do its own thing.” Of course, doing that can also sometimes come with a hefty cost, where matters of the heart are concerned. Something that we may want to keep in mind now, as we are tempted to walk more on the “wild side.”

Too, with Venus in hi-tech Aquarius, romance may take shape for some of us over the internet this month. Anyone here ever had any luck with internet dating? If not, now may be the time to bravely try it out again.

Must also mention here, lest I be remiss, that “Venus sextile Uranus” has been linked with “sudden love” or “love at first sight.” So the next 24 to 48 hours could be especially momentous here for those of us seeking a new love interest. Even existing relationships could become more exciting, if we are willing to “spice things up” just a bit now.

Venus in Aquarius is also a better time for us to get “unstuck” in love, to let go of ties that are outworn. This is partly because it is theoretically easier for us to be more emotionally detached now, as Aquarius is more intellectual or reasoning in its approach. Also, it’s an excellent period for more involvement in community or humanitarian affairs. Venus in Aquarius can equate to a love or fondness for groups. Love could also suddenly bloom or manifest in the course of pursuing group-oriented outlets.

Venus additionally rules money, fashion, and possessions. It could be that Venus in Aquarius coincides with new, more unique ways to generate cash flow. Aquarius is associated with using our ingenuity to get ahead. We may also want to jazz up our wardrobe or our immediate surroundings in funky new ways. Too, doing these things can sometimes help us to espouse other changes in our life, as it shows more of a receptivity and eagerness for experimentation. The color for Aquarius is a shimmering, electric blue.

Additionally, we have the Moon in futuristic Aquarius today. Again, breaking with our daily routine, or incorporating new changes or procedures now can be exciting and also help to maximize our efficiency. It’s an ideal day for immersion in social media, technology, innovation, or science (all Uranus-ruled). Astrology is also governed by Uranus. So, you are probably off to a good start with your day by reading this heavenly horoscope. 🙂

Famous Birthdays March 1st: Justin Bieber (17), Ron Howard (57), Harry Belafonte (84)

“You can cage the singer, but not the song.” Harry Belafonte

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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