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The innovative Aquarius Moon prompts us to keep thinking “outside the box” today as a way of solving our problems. However, “critical judge” Saturn in judicial Libra is also forming a 150-degree stress aspect (quinqunx) to “idea maven” Mercury in psychedelic Pisces. This may mean that the clever ideas that we are so proudly incubating now inside our moist, little brains may also have to be carefully weighed (Libra) for viability and utility (Saturn) before they can be released freely into the ether and acted upon by our brilliant, all-knowing mass of being. Naysayer Saturn enjoys showing us the folly and foibles of our wicked thinking (Mercury).

“Men are like stars; some generate their own light while others reflect the brilliance they receive.” Jose Marti

Famous Birthdays March 1st: Jon Bon Jovi (49), Bob Mackie (72)

In the News: The U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) released a 345-page report on Monday detailing billions of dollars in redundant (Jupiter) federal programs. The revelation (Pluto) of this report comes amid the potent “Jupiter square Pluto” aspect. Jupiter-Pluto can indicate “spending or growth gone wild,”  with expansive Jupiter denoting bloating and excess and Pluto governing disgusting debt and diabolical taxes. Pluto (ruler of the subconscious) also pertains to matters that are “hidden or submerged.”

With Jupiter-Pluto we often become privy to classified or secret information (Pluto).  We had this very same, sizzling aspect when WikiLeaks first unveiled thousands of classified documents on the war in Afghanistan late July 2010. (Jupiter also rules publishing.) Now, with this published report, we are becoming aware of reckless, redundant spending (Jupiter) by the government (Capricorn) and the dire need to eliminate it (Pluto). Go figure. 🙂

Patrice Thompson

(Plants Nome Alaska 2)

Copyright 2011

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