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“Each of us is an artist of our days; the greater our integrity and awareness, the more original and creative our time will become.” John O’Donohue


Void of course Moon in Virgo shifts into Libra at 1:23 pm EST, Mercury Semi-square Uranus

The work week commences with the Moon at the end of “methodical” Virgo. Ideal for wrapping up old business. We will also want to continue channeling our “inner efficiency guru.” Additionally, the Mercury-Uranus alignment may poise us to act a little like the wacky scientist in a lab, conducting quirky experiments that no one else quite gets, especially since this is the Sun’s last full day in “tinkering” Aquarius. Meantime, the lunar shift into “balancing, sociable” Libra adds a refreshing, unifying feel to the day. “Treat everyone you meet as though they are the most important person you’ll meet today.” Roger Dawson

What would you like to see invented? A better mousetrap? Stiletto heels that are actually good for the feet? How about socks that are hole-proof? 🙂

“I wish my stove came with a Save As button like Word has. That way I could experiment with my cooking and not fear ruining my dinner.
” Jarod Kintz

Famous February 17 Birthdays: Michael Jordan, Huey Newton, Paris Hilton

“I’ve never lost a game I just ran out of time.” Michael Jordan

Enjoy your Monday!

Patrice Thompson


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