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In wake of yesterday’s potent New Moon, the intensity level remains high, as the Moon continues its passage through “all-or-nothing” Scorpio, where it can prompt more extreme forms of behavior, or the taking of extreme measures. Our keen appetite for unraveling mysteries, solving riddles, digging beneath the surface of things can also bring tangible rewards, along with very dramatic insights. Particularly with the Moon’s monthly conjunction with logical communicator Mercury (10:09 pm EDT), an aspect which allows us to deftly blend our emotional awareness into mesmerizing words or speech.

Our passions and desires are also at a peak level of expression as the Scorpio Moon forms a potent square to assertive Mars in dramatic Leo (10:57 pm EDT), an aspect that also raises the potential for discord or clashes, if we fail to consider other’s sensitivities or needs.

“Courteousness is consideration for others; politeness is the method used to deliver such considerations.” Bryant H. McGill

Famous People with Moon in Scorpio: Steven Spielberg, Patrick Stewart, Elizabeth Hurley, Whoopi Golberg

In the News: European leaders finally agreed to a deal to reduce Greece’s debt, early this morning, after convening yesterday for a marathon session. As part of the agreement, private banks have reportedly agreed to voluntarily lower Greek debt held by 50%.

Fascinatingly, Scorpio is the zodiacal sign that governs debt and credit. Yesterday’s New Moon in Scorpio also favorably sextiled transforming Pluto, the modern day ruler of Scorpio, suggesting that some sort of deal might be struck.

Too, we have transiting, fortuitous Jupiter, in money-ruling Taurus, harmoniously trine to Pluto (exact on Friday), a very powerful aspect of transmutation that has a legacy for dramatically changing the landscape around us, especially as it pertains to shared resources (Pluto and Scorpio). As I mentioned yesterday, too, in my blog, Jupiter-Pluto aspects are often linked with mega-money transactions in the collective. (News story from wsj.com) CNBC is also reporting (mid-morning) that the Dow is on track today for its biggest one month percentage gain in the month of October.

Additionally, President Obama announced yesterday that he will authorize changes in federal policy to make college loans more affordable and easier to repay for up to 1.6 million borrowers. (From Washingtonpost.com)

Are you making, or experiencing, any sweeping changes in your life now?

Enjoy your Thursday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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