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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

You know, our lives would probably be a whole lot easier and run much more smoothly if the only kind of change that we ever had to grapple with, or anguish over, was the “pocket change” variety, as in dealing with real coins that jingle. Of course, that realm is really no longer even a psychological “safe haven” for us anymore with the confusing arrival of Bitcoins, which, if I didn’t know any better, would likely assume was some kind of sugary cereal, kind of like Lucky Charms.

Anyway, yesterday, we finally experienced the exact occurrence of the “Saturn-Pluto” conjunction and we witnessed, among other things, at least on a collective level, a lot of geopolitical tensions/unrest/government-rulership changes, including the widely publicized protests by the people of Iran to the tragic, accidental shooting down of that passenger jetliner, reportedly by the Iranian government, a few days ago in Tehran (an act which also occurred when aviation-ruling Uranus was stationing direct). There was also the dramatic eruption of the Taal Volcano in southern Luzon in the Philippines, which is still ongoing, spewing forth toxic ash plumes and forcing immediate evacuations in the surrounding region (Pluto rules volcanoes). Our heart goes out to all those who are suffering hardships or enduring adversities now.

Today, the illuminating Sun in self-mastery Capricorn is also “re-activating” that Saturn-Pluto conjunction, first forming its annual conjunction with transformational Pluto (at 8:21 am) and then doing the same with organizing Saturn (at 10:15 am). In a nutshell, I think these two separate “power alliances” means that we’ll likely be needing to put on our engineering hardhats and plop down our derrieres behind the drawing board now, at least for a spell, so we can do some conscious creative redesigning (Pluto) of our world (Saturn), as we know it. Make it more vital and true-to-form for us in 2020 and beyond. While there may be some initial reluctance or hesitancy to do this sort of exhausting thing, we also likely sense that taking this kind of firm (Saturnian) action, at the moment, is probably in our best interests, especially if we’ve been feeling some degree of stagnation or lack of meaning because our lives have maybe become too predictable.

On the other hand, it could be that we are forced to make changes now because what we’ve been doing is no longer working for us, maybe simply because our situations or circumstances have changed. In some cases, too, we may be experiencing a positive consolidation of our power and are seeking now to exert more control over our lives. Whatever the scenario, “extreme makeover guru” Pluto doesn’t appear to want us to really rest or chill out until all the creation/destruction/rebirth that he has in mind for us, has been fully executed, as he’s trying his best to, seemingly, take us to the next level! Of course, we must always keep in mind the simple fact that we always have the final sayso, in the end, depending on how we choose to respond.

Fortunately for us, too, sweet Venus (the goddess of love, beauty, and harmony) – which is presently in detached, high-tech Aquarius – is also working very busily, and unsuspectedly, behind the scenes now, plotting her “great escape” from all this intense, high drama. If all goes right, she will be fleeing into the healing, engulfing, soothing waters of Pisces, early this afternoon (at 1:39 pm) but we must not tell a single soul, less we foil her plot. It’s a good thing, too, that the Moon is exiting bombastic Leo for magnifying glass Virgo, this morning (9:06 am), as this should give her plenty of time to refine or perfect all the details of her pending adventure.

*All times EST.

Tarot Card for The Day: It’s the “Four of Swords,” a card that depicts a corpse lying in state in a church (Rider-Waite Deck). This suggests a period of inward reflection is truly needed so we can get a handle on what we really need to do, where we want to really go with our lives, which have, seemingly, become way too rigid or purposeless. Also, it should be noted, that the “Hanged Man” and the “Hermit” (again) both fell out of the deck as I was shuffling it, along with the King of Cups. I think these first two cards are also possibly telling us that we must learn to accept or surrender to life “as it is,” instead of trying to fight or resist it. To also maybe have faith that all is well and working as it should be. The King of Cups also perhaps suggests that part of being a great leader is to tune in and listen to one’s own heart first, to one’s emotions and feelings, as well as to the pulse or heartbeat of the people.

Numerology: Today is a “thirteen” day, which also reduces down to the number four, suggesting that there is very good ability now for putting down a solid, secure foundation for the future, as well as being able to rally some support for what we’re attempting. It sounds like a winner! 🙂

Born On This Day: Entrepreneur and Democratic candidate for U.S. President, Andrew Yang, is turning 45 today. He once wrote: “There’s a big distinction between humans as humans and humans as workers. The former are indispensable. The latter may not be.”

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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