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There’s a New Moon today in intense, probing Scorpio (3:57 pm EDT), the sign of death and rebirth. The Scorpio New Moon puts a focus on shared resources, investigation, personal transformation, and purging or recycling. This is a great time for us to go in depth with things. Or to do, or perhaps discover, whatever it is that we are passionate about, as Scorpio energy helps to align us with our heart’s innermost desires.

It is also a wonderful time to eliminate or prune non-essential or outworn elements (behaviors) from our lives. Especially since the New Moon is forming a harmonious sextile to insightful, paring Pluto, the modern day ruler of Scorpio. This Moon-Pluto aspect is akin to having a “double-whammy” of regenerating Scorpio energy at our disposal.

The New Moon is also opposing philosophical Jupiter, retrograde in financial Taurus. This configuration can have a more expansive impact on our outlook, as Jupiter formally governs our urge to grow.  Too, Jupiter, is forming a potent trine to renewing Pluto (exact on the 28th), which is also suggesting that we have a robust opportunity to significantly change or alter the playing field around us now in a positive way, especially if we concentrate our efforts and play to our strengths. We may also discover or claim resources that we never knew we had with this influence. Also, we may be able to profitably pool what we have with others as a way to have or gain more wealth. Jupiter Pluto can also specifically denote scenarios involving mega-wealth and can deliver to us experiences in which we are able to wield mega-influence.

In addition to today’s inspiring New Moon, another cosmic perk that we have going for us now is energizing, self-assertive Mars, in proud, confident Leo, is exactly sextiling stabilizing, anchoring Saturn in balancing Libra. This bodes well for our being able to be more disciplined and industrious in going after what we want. It also helps to supply us with more patience and resourcefulness.  The main kink in today’s stellar lineup may be romantic Venus’s square aspect to warrior Mars, which could find us sparring with our mate or partner. Although, the kiss and make up period afterwards could be fun. 🙂 Venus-Mars is a very sensual influence. People who have Venus-Mars aspects in their natal charts are usually very sexy.

“It is the passion that is in a kiss that gives to it its sweetness; it is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it.” Christian Nevell Bovee.

One more thing: We will want to pay close attention to the particular house, in our personal horoscopes, that the New Moon is occurring in, as that is the area of our life where we are poised for a fresh start and where we also may have a potent chance for regeneration or renewal.

Scorpio governs the following areas or activities: matters of credit or debt; loans; taxes; joint finances; wills and estates; insurance; surgery and or healing interventions; purging and recycling; psychology; medical research; investigations; sex and intimacy; secrets, or whatever is hidden; obsessions; death and transformation; seances.

Happy New Moon Blessings!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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