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“Normally, we do not so much look at things as overlook them.” – Alan Wilson Watts

This Thursday morning intellectual Mercury conjuncts exacting Saturn in “doubting Thomas” Aquarius (9:34 am) tending to inject more gravity, skepticism, or cautiousness into our thinking, words, or communications. Since our mental focus is perceived to be more narrowed or concentrated now, it can often be a good period to comb through the fine details of matters, particularly, perhaps, looking for the weaknesses or vulnerabilities in things. It is also possible now that we are wrapping up or finishing a final review of something as this conjunction is coming at the 29th (or anaretic) degree of Aquarius.

Today’s annual Mercury-Saturn conjunction is also occurring with love goddess Venus and big-hearted Jupiter affectionately paired up in the sky in adventurous Aries (12:36 am), suggesting that we are also poised and ready for adding something new or bold to our lives that ideally affords us more personal freedom and self-expression. It can also be a propitious time to expand our sphere of relationships as well as to immerse ourselves in social activities.

Later this afternoon, Mercury will also enter dreamy, idealistic Pisces (5:52 pm) for a 16-day stay.

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On This Day in History: On March 2, 1965, one of the most popular films of all time, The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, premiers (Academy Awards Best Picture, 1966).

Astrologically, that day, there was a stellium of five planets (plus Chiron) in creative Pisces, the sign associated with filmmaking or visual imagery. Mental Mercury in Pisces was also applying to an exact trine to imaginative Neptune in potent Scorpio, the modern-day ruler of Pisces. Mars in craftsmanship Virgo was also sextile Neptune as well as trine to expansive Jupiter in the financial and artistic sign of Taurus. Mars-Jupiter aspects tend to generate or correlate with mega amounts of enthusiasm and passion for our endeavors, while the Mars-Neptune energy can help us to skillfully manifest our dreams or visions, so that they become very real to us.

Hope it’s a good one! Please be safe and well.

Patrice Thompson

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