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“Much of life appears mundane at the time. Yet in God’s providence every moment includes significant details arranged by His divine hand.” Dillon Burroughs


With the new year only six days old, some of us are perhaps still in the process of fleshing out or maybe modifying the finer details of our resolutions or personal vision for ourselves for 2014. Too, for those of us who may fall into this illustrious camp of late bloomers, we appear to have a special helping hand on our side today in the guise of mental Mercury sextile exacting Saturn. This planetary aspect can help us to focus on the nitty-gritty versus the broader scope of a matter. It is also very good for concentration and for seeking out advice from experts or from those whose opinions we value.  “A good leader will seek the wisdom of others. After all, no man is an island!” Jim George

Also, the Moon’s ingress into trailblazing Aries (2:45 pm EST) helps to channel our inner pioneer and inspires us to take bold action on matters.

What is perhaps the best piece of advice that you have ever received? Too, what advice do you wish you maybe had received earlier?

Famous January 6 Birthdays:  Joan of Arc, Nancy Lopez, Loretta Young, Steven Forrest (astrologer).

“Act, and God will act.” Joan of Arc

Enjoy your Monday! Be safe and warm.

Patrice Thompson

Planet In Deep Outer Space.

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