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Joan of Arc believed she was “handpicked by God” to lead the army of France in battles with England.  Although she felt “war” was part of her calling, she did not carry a weapon on the battlefield, as she reportedly did not want to “hurt anyone.” She only carried a banner.

Joan of Arc was declared a saint by the Catholic Church on April 18, 1909.  At the time, Saturn, the planet associated with protocol and recognition, was in Aries, the sign which pertains to combat.  It was also in exact alignment (square) to Neptune in Cancer. Neptune represents our “link to the Divine” and governs all matters spiritual, while Cancer rules the nurturing principle and represents home, family, and our roots.

Very fittingly, the “Saturn-Neptune” influence manifested in such a way that day that Joan of Arc, a past war figure (Saturn in Aries)  was formally bestowed a “spiritual status” or “sainthood” (Neptune) by the Catholic Church (deeper religious “Cancerian roots”).

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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