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Activating Mars, which could be thought of as the kind of fuel we run on, enters “premium-grade” Scorpio, this morning (at 2:40 am), where it will remain until early January. In ancient times, Mars was deemed the ruler of Scorpio, but now, it’s considered to be a co-ruler of the sign, along with Pluto. So Mars in Scorpio is quite at home here, unlike when it was in appeasing Libra, a placement which was considered to be in its detriment for Mars, as Libra is opposite Mars-ruled Aries.

In Scorpio, Mars has tremendous staying power or resolve and doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable situations. In fact, Mars in Scorpio tends to embrace more difficult or complex scenarios because it has a natural affinity for whatever is hidden or swept under the rug. So, Mars in focused Scorpio can, potentially, really help us to achieve greater self-awareness or transformation, to help us become clearer regarding our subconscious motivations, or what it is that is driving us, as well as shed light on issues outside of ourselves that we are up to exploring or investigating. It’s like we won’t stop or rest now until we have found exactly what we want or need. Of course, we will also want to check out what house in our natal chart that Mars in Scorpio is moving through as that is the area or sphere of life where we will directly be channeling this energy.

Mars in Scorpio should also be a positive accompaniment for analytical Mercury Rx in Scorpio, which is stationing direct, tomorrow; Mars, hopefully, astutely assisting Mercury now in piecing together and applying to our lives, all the information, insights, and shrewd observations that Mercury has been drudging up in secretive Scorpio since it turned retrograde, on October 31st.

The outgoing Leo Moon is also in its Third Quarter today, squaring the probing Scorpio Sun (at 4:10 pm), at 27 degrees. With the Moon in this phase, we want to focus on wrapping things up versus starting anything new (the new stuff is for next week’s New Moon in Sagittarius). It could be, too, that the square aspect today makes us aware of some issues going on behind the scenes, or below the surface, that may cause us to question or ponder our need for dominance or control.

“Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.” August Wilson

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