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“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Michelangelo

We have a potent triple conjunction of Mercury (thoughts), Mars (motivator), and Neptune (fantasy) in “innovative” Aquarius, which is also the sign that rules groups and group behavior. Creative types and original thinkers will likely thrive today, as Neptune rules the imagination, artistic or musical expression, and Mercury and Mars can help to fire these things up. Aquarius energy can also aid to kindle our originality and genius, and give us the courage and wherewithal to view our lives and options in exciting new ways.

Additionally, this triple grouping of the planets can be a very spiritual time when we feel more of a “link with the divine,” as Neptune rules our “urge for spirituality.” Meditation, prayer, engaging in random acts of kindness, or perhaps visiting those who are ill or infirm, or otherwise confined, would be some great ways of using this energy in its most sublime manner. Again, with this conjunction occurring in group-oriented Aquarius, aligning ourselves with groups or organizations that do good works for the collective, would be ideal. Too, lest we forget, Neptune’s mantra is: “Serve or suffer.”

On the shadow side with this influence, there is potentially more of a tendency for “misplaced aggression.”  This is because the aggressive urge, ruled by Mars, has a potential for being “disguised” with its alignment with “masquerading” or “deceptive” Neptune. Historically, Mars-Neptune has also been associated with martyrdom and persecution, and taking advantage of those who are weaker or do not often seem to have a voice in their own affairs, like the downtrodden or disenfranchised groups.

We would probably all be well-advised to pay closer attention to the particular impulses that are “driving” our behavior and decisions now, and steer clear of acting on any irrational or self-aggrandizing ideas that do not propel us upward, to a better place in our head. Neptune’s ray unchecked can arouse paranoia or strange fears from seemingly out of nowhere. Once we detach and calmly study the irrationality of these things, however, we can simply release them and let them go, without acting upon them. Or we can transmute them into higher, creative expression, that serves to elevate or free us.

“There is much in the world to make us afraid. There is much more in our faith to make us unafraid.” Frederick W. Cropp.

Famous Birthdays February 20th: Ivana Trump (62), Sidney Poitier (84), Patty Hearst (57), Gordon Brown (60)

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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