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“Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame.” Henry David Thoreau

Lovable Venus stations retrograde at 24 degrees of Gemini (10:33 am EDT). It will remain retrograde until June 27. During Venus’s apparent backward dance in the sky we have a chance to carefully reflect upon and critique all the areas that Venus governs: our romantic life; the way we socialize or interact with others; the values we espouse and hold dear to our heart; the aspects of our life that provide us with pleasure or beauty. Venus also presides over our attitudes towards money and possessions.

Traditionally, the retrograde phase of a planet is a time when it is normally advised to postpone any important decision-making regarding the affairs ruled by that planet, as the theory is that the final verdict or takeaway on a matter will not be known until the planet resumes direct motion again.

Venus goes retrograde every 18 months. The last time that it went retrograde in Gemini was on May 17, 2004. Fascinatingly, back then on that very date, is when the state of Massachusetts issued the first, fully legal, same-sex marriage licenses in the United States (Venus rules marriage). Now once again, just days prior to Venus going retrograde in this same sign, the sign of the twins, more history has been made on this same issue with President Obama openly coming out in support of same-sex marriage, the first U.S. president to do so. Rather interesting, isn’t it, to see the progression on this matter?

Wonder, too, if Gemini, given its versatility, curiosity, and dual nature, might have more of a proclivity for same-sex unions? Or at least a higher toleration or acceptance of such relationships? What do you think? Also, might Venus retrograde itself indicate more of a tendency to embrace non-traditional relationships, as when a planet goes retrograde there can be a turning away or distancing from what is deemed to be more customary behavior?

How important is it for you that your relationships meet with the approval or sanction of others? Of society? What is the dream of love for your life?

Patrice Thompson is a Life Coach for women. The focus of her coaching practice is individuals in transition, including women in mid-life and those persons facing changes in their career, business or relationships. Patrice offers a free initial 15-20 minute sample coaching session by telephone. This is a chance for you to share with her what issues you are facing and what outcomes you desire. This session is also designed for both of you to gauge whether you’re a good fit for each other. If you have any questions about the coaching or to schedule your free session, please email Patrice at CoachPatrice@aol.com

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