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“We live in a culture of secrecy, where hiding and lying are accepted as natural, even though we don’t like it. We want honesty, transparency, and authenticity in our loved ones, our groups and organizations, and in our own self so we can reach the heights of our capacity. By clinging to the opaque reality we stall our evolution.” Penney Peirce

We are poised for positive, transformative new beginnings today but the portal to get there requires that we first must do some serious digging/heavy lifting through the valley of our fears, worries, insecurities to see how they have been covertly or secretly impacting/blocking/shaping our utilization of power in the world (Sun square Pluto). Pluto is associated with purging or eliminating whatever is decaying or putrefying inside of us so that we can lighten our load, and move on.

Additionally, on the shadow side, with the Sun in conquest-oriented Aries, there can be a tendency now for power struggles to ensue, or more of a willingness to engage in manipulative behaviors, in a bid to hold onto what is feared may be passing away (Pluto).

“You can change your world by changing your words…Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Joel Osteen

On This Day in History: On April 13, 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art forms in New York City.

Famous April 13 Birthdays: Catherine de’ Medici, Thomas Jefferson, Butch Cassidy, Samuel Beckett, Madalyn Murray O’Hair,

“On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.” Thomas Jefferson

Enjoy your Saturday!

Patrice Thompson

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