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A warm, amiable Sun-Venus conjunction in creative Leo (ideally) magnifies our wants and desires, our popularity, our artistic expression, our orientation towards cooperation, love, harmony, and celebration. This is a very lovely influence that can really make us want to beautify our life, our appearance, our surroundings. Natally, when people have Sun conjunct Venus in their charts, they’re usually very adept at being able to smooth things over, to make connections with others. Occurring in Leo, too, there can be quite a bit of flair for fashion, for drama or the theatrical, for attracting attention to ourselves in a potent, charming, or charismatic way.

On the flip side, however, this same Sun-Venus conjunction also forms an awkward quinqunx to investigative Pluto in “no-frills” (Saturn-ruled) Capricorn, which could potentially serve to temporarily arouse our suspicions or find us probing deeper into the shadows, looking for what may be broken, disturbed, or, seemingly, just “not quite right,” below the surface. This is not necessarily a bad thing – maybe more like performing a maintenance check or a diagnostic on our system after sensing something might be a bit off.

The waxing Moon is also in emotionally detached Aquarius today, which can help us to see things in a more intellectual light. This position for Luna can also incline us to be more experimental or non-conforming in our approach to matters. Sometimes, too, with Luna here we’re more willing to espouse or rally behind social or humanitarian causes.

Too, since we have a Full Moon in Aquarius tomorrow, we may really be getting a strong sense of things building up or culminating now. Full Moons tend to supply us with more illumination, or greater awareness. Occurring in Aquarius, too, perhaps we’re trying to figure out now our unique, special place in the world (Sun in Leo), where we can really shine but also, at the same time, give back something meaningful to the collective (Moon in Aquarius).

Numerologically, the day (8-14-2019) reduces down to a 5 (Mercury-ruled) and 7 (Neptune-ruled), so we do have a pronounced “changeability” or “back and forth” vibe going on, and a boost of mental stimulation. But, also a strong desire for dreams and inspiration.

“And I am all the things I have ever loved: scuppernong wine, cool baptisms in silent water, dream books and number playing.” Toni Morrison

On This Day in History: On August 14, 1965, Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe” hits #1.

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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