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“The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie.” Shannon L. Adler

Oh, boy! We get to start out our Monday with the waxing Moon in “keeping it real” Capricorn, the sign ruled by judgemental Saturn. Meaning, it’s also report card time when we formally have a chance to grade ourselves on our scintillating, academy award-winning performances (Sun in Leo), as of late, and decide whether or not they’re taking us to where we want to go, or need to be. Capricorn’s all about “less fluff, and more stuff!”

Thankfully, too, since we’re all presumably adults here, it’s not required that we actually have to show our report cards to our spouses, mates, friends, neighbors, etc. unless it’s something that we willingly want to do (most likely for bragging rights, of course, if we’ve been doing a good job).

Generally, when the transiting Moon’s in earthy Capricorn, we crave the security of organization and tried-and-true structure around us. We also tend to take greater pride in our work and reputation and are more inclined now to seek out recognition (and well-deserved pay raises!) for our mighty efforts.

The Capricorn Moon will also be having its notable, monthly meetup with “power broker” Pluto, this evening (6:11 pm). This more intense emotional energy normally predisposes us to go after our desires with increased gusto, passion, focus or purpose. It also potentially has a strong healing or transmutational vibe to it. On the shadow side, it can coincide with overly assertive power plays or manipulative behavior. Moon-Pluto is nearly always a perfect time to do de-weeding, to take out the trash, recycle or renovate, perform archeological digs, do channeling, investigate, have psychotherapy, take or review X-rays (part of checking what is hidden below).

Numerologically, today (8-12-2019) reduces down to both a “3” and a “5”. The “3” aspect suggests some reverence for traditionalism or history; it can also incline us to want to ambitiously climb to the top of the totem pole! The “5” element injects an impulsive quality to the day, and a changeability.

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On This Day in History: On August 12, 1972, the last American combat troops leave Vietnam.

Astrologically, that day, Mars (ruling war and the military) was at 29 degrees of dominant Leo (a critical degree) and exactly forming a waning trine to philosophical, politically-oriented Jupiter Rx at 29 degrees of Sagittarius (the sign which rules foreign lands and cultures). The Mars-Jupiter waning trine also perhaps allowing us then to more broadly see or grasp the “bigger picture” view/outcome/result (Jupiter Rx) of our “militaristic actions” (Mars) in Vietnam. Pluto, representing shifts in power, was also newly-installed in diplomatic, peace-seeking Libra then, at 0 degrees of the sign.

“Television brought the brutality of war into the comfort of the living room. Vietnam was lost in the living rooms of America — not on the battlefields of Vietnam.” Marshall McLuhan

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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