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Cosmic Weather:

Sometimes, things are so easy or obvious for us to perceive. Other times, however, it seems a real struggle to even see or detect what’s smack right in front of us! Kind of like we have blinders on or something. Today, with the Sun in bright, shiny Leo awkwardly aligned with foggy, dissipating Neptune (8:44 pm), there’s a possibility that we’ll be impacted by more of the latter type of scenario now. 

The tricky thing about illusionary, deceptive Neptune, too, is that it’s wishful ray often makes us see only what we want to see, instead of what’s really there. It’s kind of like we erect an invisible wall or barrier up around us and only allow certain elements to our liking to filter through it. It could be, too, that we’re a bit weary now, and need a rest.

On the shadow side, Sun-Neptune can also sometimes make us feel more disillusioned with our lives, partly because we may be feeling, overall, less grounded now. For instance, things that we may have turned to earlier for anchoring or support, we may sense now that they are somehow passing away from us, and we may be unsure of how to handle their removal or disintegration in our lives, or what exactly to replace them with. Too, part of the lesson (or gift) of today’s Sun-Neptune energy is to perhaps teach us how to live (thrive) in the face of the various uncertainties or ambiguities that are a normal part of life on the Earth plane.

Anyway, since it’s a Saturday, it might be an ideal time to just chill out and take it easy. It’s not like we have to do heavy lifting every day of the week! Plus, Sun-Neptune is potentially very advantageous for any creative, artistic, or imaginative outlets (give our intuitive right brains a nice workout). This energy can also help sensitize us to others now, especially with respect to what they’re feeling or going through. 

Additionally, it’s the 10th day of the month, or a “one day,” numerologically, which does suggest there’s quite a bit of power or dynamism to the day (despite the elusive Neptunian element), as the life-giving Sun rules the number one. Normally, on “one” days, we feel like initiating something new. Perhaps, just breaking with our normal routines and doing something out of the ordinary now might be a good way to express ourselves, this weekend (also simultaneously helping to create more of a sense of spaciousness around us). The Moon is also still in adventurous Sagittarius, all day, so our emotional receptivity to experiencing new things is still quite high.

*All times EDT

On This Day in History: On August 10, 1960, the Los Angeles premiere of Alfred Hitchcock’s (iconic) “Psycho” film starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh occurs.

Not surprisingly, in the sky that day, energizer Mars, at 5 degrees of cerebral Gemini, was exactly square to intensely suspenseful Pluto, the Grand Master of the macabre,  at 5 degrees of perfecting Virgo.

Jupiter was also retrograde in visionary Sagittarius and applying to a flowing, two-degree trine to Uranus, the planet of genius, in motion-picture Leo.

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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