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“I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can’t truly be considered successful in your business if your home life is in shambles.” Zig Ziglar

We have a “highly-charged” day today with “expander” Jupiter in “pioneering” Aries forming an exact opposition to “contracting” Saturn (5:56 pm EDT) in “evaluating” Libra. The illuminating Sun is also in “start me up” Aries and exactly square to “transformer” Pluto (8:09 am EDT) in “ambitious” Capricorn. The Moon also enters “futuristic, discerning” Aquarius (7:01 am EDT).

Five of the planets are now in the “action-packed” cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn), moving towards the “steroidal” New Moon in Aries on April 3rd, when we will have five planets in Aries and a total of eight planets in the active cardinal signs. With all this energy “building up” we are very likely to be feeling much more physically and mentally restless in the days ahead. Very anxious for “new beginnings.”

Today could be both a “time of revelations” and also a “day of reckoning” for us when we are able to glean fresh insight into how we are balancing and managing the various affairs of our lives (Jupiter opposite Saturn). We also may become much more aware of the scope of work that we still need to do to get our lives in better order. Also, this is most likely a time when we are going to be held accountable (Saturn) for our previous actions and decisions.

(BTW: Jupiter also rules lawsuits and legal matters, while Saturn is in judicial Libra, the sign of the courts. On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court is slated to hear arguments in a gender discrimination lawsuit against Walmart concerning pay and promotion for some 1.5 million female employees. The outcome could have huge impact for working women and work issues in general.)

Of course, some of us may also conclude that we are “going in the wrong direction,” in the face of unfolding events now, and may need to maturely cut our losses and move on. Or, at least substantially reconfigure things. With Sun-Pluto, there can be a “toppling of expectations” and a “tumbling down” of what isn’t working. Too, this “implosion” can be a good thing, as it can help us to better conserve our energies in the future. Needless to say, none of us like to admit failure and defeat. But, just because something isn’t working now, doesn’t mean that we won’t experience success again in the future. Better to regard any setbacks now as simply “retooling periods.”

Also, with the intense, dramatic Sun-Pluto aspect, there is greater likelihood of power struggles or skirmishes today, so we may want to try to rein in our egos and tempers, if we want to preserve the peace in our humble neck of the woods. Controlling Pluto often relishes a good “show of force,” especially when paired with the “empowering” Sun.

This “showdown energy” may be particularly the case on a collective level, with respect to governments around the world, as Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign of government and the Sun denotes world leaders. Too, we already have a very volatile world situation, with ongoing uprisings in the Middle East and elsewhere. Pluto tends to take things even “one step further,” often to extremes, or at least to a crisis point. It is very transforming and laser-focused energy. Could also be a day when, both individually and collectively, we hear about matters that have been previously kept hidden. Also a time when we can figure out or solve major riddles. Probing “Sun-Pluto” generates more “transparency.” As does “Jupiter-Saturn.”

Pluto also rules debt and taxes, and our financial obligations to others. Jupiter rules wealth and abundance. Saturn oversees budgeting and the conservation of resources. If we have been “living beyond our means,” the chickens could “come home to roost” now. With this in mind, today is a perfect time to perhaps take measures to “simplify” our lives and reduce our expenditures and consumption. Interestingly, too, as I am writing this (Sunday afternoon), a news story has just come across the wire about Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York finally reaching agreement with lawmakers on a tentative 2011-2012 budget for the state of New York that eliminates a $10 billion deficit. Squares tend to force issues (Sun square Pluto) and with Jupiter opposite Saturn we are looking to strike a balance and achieve an equilibrium.

“Industry, perseverance, and frugality make fortune yield.” Benjamin Franklin

Famous Birthdays March 28th: Lady Gaga (25), Reba McEntire (55)

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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