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The late great Portuguese writer Joe Saramago once wrote: “Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered.” An insight that we may want to personally apply to our lives today as we have the Waning Crescent Moon in organizing Virgo dutifully at our beck and call for the duration. When Luna is in perfecting Virgo (an earth sign), our actions are motivated mainly by practical considerations. Also, the Waning lunar cycle is always excellent for wrapping or finishing things up, decluttering, de-weeding, cleaning closets, catching up on chores or menial tasks as we ready ourselves for the upcoming New Moon, which in this case, will be in Libra, on Friday.

The Moon in Virgo is also making flowing trines, this afternoon, to both perceptive Pluto (1:55 pm) and disciplined Saturn (6:47 pm) in the self-mastery sign of Capricorn, ideally allowing us to further zero in, more intensely, on what work needs to be done and how to go about it most efficiently. There may also be a greater ability or special finesse now in being able to locate hidden resources or to be able to refurbish/repurpose/refashion things for new uses. It’s also interesting, too, isn’t it, how we can sometimes suddenly perceive a matter or situation, even something seemingly minuscule in a whole new light and, as a result, our world can literally change or transform in an instant, for the better. Yet one more reason to never give up!

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On This Day in History: On October 14, 1980, Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan pledged on the campaign trail to appoint the first woman to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Astrologically, that day, the Sun was exactly conjunct transformational Pluto in Libra, which is the zodiacal sign that rules the Supreme Court. Sun-Pluto days can also often shine a spotlight on the subject of power and all of its many ramifications. Venus (governing women) was also in work-related Virgo and exactly quintile (a creative aspect) to change-oriented Uranus in breakthrough Scorpio. Venus-Uranus aspects are often associated with gender issues and especially issues of equality for women.

On July 7, 1981, President Reagan announced he would nominate Sandra Day O’Connor as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court to replace the retiring Potter Stewart.

Astrologically, on that day, expansive Jupiter and structuring Saturn were nearly exact conjunct in Libra and pioneering Mars, in decision-oriented Gemini, was trining Pluto in Libra. Mars-Pluto aspects are normally excellent for instituting pioneering, sweeping reforms that impact the masses. The Jupiter-Saturn influence also perhaps helping to grow things beyond the realm of existing protocols.

Hope it’s a good one! Please be safe and well.

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