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“When you are fulfilling the meaning of your life, your steps are assertive, but when you are after power or pleasure, you become aggressive.” Roumen Bezergianov

The Libra Sun is making an opposition to assertive Mars Rx in Aries, this evening (7:26 pm). Mars aspects are always potentially trickier to handle because Mars energy tends to easily trigger confrontational situations, in part, because we are more apt to come on more forcefully and also are more focused on getting what we want instead of considering the needs and wants of others. However, finding a way to collaborate with others can go a long way toward defusing any social tension now.

On another level, the Sun-Mars opposition can increase our self-awareness, especially concerning motivations that we may have inside of us that are more hidden or unconscious. Today’s Sun-Mars alignment also marks the midway point of Mars in its retrograde cycle with Mars stationing direct on November 13.

Thinker Mercury is also stationing retrograde tonight in investigative Scorpio (9:05 pm), a phase in which it will remain until November 3rd. The Winged Messenger’s retrograde cycle is generally considered a time for us to mull over, or reflect upon our recent decisions.

With Mercury in perceptive Scorpio, there’s a possibility that key information, details, or facts that we may have missed or overlooked, will now begin to filter through, perhaps leading to our altering or changing our mind about things. Because (Pluto-ruled) Scorpio is also known for its intensity, thoroughness, and drama, it’s likely that some of what comes out or is uncovered now could potentially be very impactful. Thinking here, in particular, of buried secrets being glaringly exposed. Of course, Scorpio energy can also be very healing and renewing so it’s possible that some new revelations or disclosures may end up positively turning us around in a whole other direction that we had originally intended.

The Waning Moon is also in analytical Virgo today, which is excellent for weighing facts or information and also for making repairs or corrections.

Overall today, with intellectual Mercury stationing retrograde and the more volatile Sun-Mars opposition, it may be best to just sort of wing it for now and not commit to any major decisions or take decisive actions, as there’s probably a good likelihood that we will feel differently about things in the future. Also, the Mercury Rx energy often seems to have the most impact, or be most pronounced, on the days that it’s actually stationing, which would, again, be today and then on November 3rd (Election Day in the U.S.!).

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On This Day in History: On October 13, 1792, the premiere issue of The Old Farmer’s Almanac was published and edited by Robert Thomas in Boston, MA. While there were other almanacs around at the time, this one became an immediate hit. An almanac, by definition, records and predicts astronomical events (the rising and setting of the Sun, for instance), tides, weather, and other phenomena with respect to time.

Astrologically, on that date, the Sun was in airy, intellectual Libra (also the sign of the public’s reception to something), and exactly trine investigative Pluto in astronomy-ruling, methodology-laden Aquarius. Sun-Pluto aspects are often excellent for being able to garner/attract/wield mass influence, to have mass impact. The Libra Sun was also sextile innovative Uranus, in creative Leo (the modern-day ruler of Aquarius), which can help to inject a certain degree of uniqueness or even brilliance into enterprises. The two benefic planets, artistic Venus and teacher Jupiter were also conjunct in probing  Scorpio, a very propitious alignment, especially for writing and publishing ventures (which Jupiter rules). 

Based on his observations, Thomas used a complex series of natural cycles to devise a secret weather forecasting formula, which brought uncannily accurate results, traditionally said to be 80 percent accurate. Even today, his formula is kept safely tucked away in a black tin box at the Almanac offices in Dublin, New Hampshire. – (Taken from almanac.com; see the Source Notes below for full attribution.)

Hope it’s a good one! Please be safe and well.

Patrice Thompson

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