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This Date In History:

November 18, 2004:

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum opens in Little Rock Arkansas, with over two million photographs and 80 million documents. Communicator Mercury, ruling words and reading, is conjunct Transforming Pluto in Literary Sagittarius, the sign of books and publishing.

“Mercury-Pluto” is often “game-changing,” to the degree that our mental perceptions are often transmuted (Pluto) in wake of new information (Mercury). Pluto also rules what has previously been “hidden” or “kept secret.” With Mercury-Pluto, we traditionally become privy to information (Mercury) that we perhaps did not know about before (Pluto).

The ruler of Sagittarius, Expansive Jupiter, in Diplomatic Libra, was also exactly trine to Image Ruling Neptune (Neptune rules photography) in Hi-Tech Aquarius. Jupiter is also associated with “politics” and “political statesmen.” With Jupiter trine Neptune, there is also more of a predilection and mindset to “idealize” or “look fondly upon” things.  Perhaps, in this case, it was looking more favorably upon political statesman, Bill Clinton.

Additionally the Sun, signifying world leaders, was in Refurbishing Scorpio (Pluto-ruled sign) and forming an exact trine to Achievement Saturn in Home-Based Cancer. “Sun trine Saturn” here would be symbolizing a dignitary (Clinton-Sun) being recognized and offered up “in an altering way” (Scorpio) for his worldly accomplishments (Saturn). That celebration formally taking place near the location of his “familial roots.” (Cancer) The sign of Cancer also governs history, and, of course, the library is historical in nature.

“The story that began in a little house on Hervey Street in Hope, Arkansas, inspires people from every background all over America,” President George W. Bush, at the opening ceremony for the Clinton library.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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