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“Coming to terms with the fear of death is conducive to healing, positive personality transformation, and consciousness evolution.” Stanislav Grof

With retrograde Mercury (mind) conjunct energizing Mars and regenerating Pluto in achievement Capricorn, we are likely feeling the need to stretch or extend ourselves today.

It may be crucial for us to seek out personally transforming activities (Pluto) now, that help us to grow beyond our normal boundaries, or that help us to redefine ourselves (Pluto). There may also be a real need or desire to pioneer and blaze new trails (Mars). This may especially be the case on the career or professional front (Capricorn).

Our thoughts and ideas (Mercury) also have more of an intensity and focus to them now. We are more capable of strategic thinking and planning, and our capacity for understanding is also deeper (Pluto). We are, correspondingly, better able to figure out riddles, and solve problems and mysteries.

It could be, too, that we learn about new information that has major impact for our lives, or hear about things that have previously been hidden (Pluto). Pluto governs spying, espionage, and leaks. Pluto also represents what is buried or hidden inside of us at the deepest levels, the reservoir of previous experiences that we have submerged. What we have suppressed, or pushed down inside of us, may be rising to the surface now, as Pluto rules the process of elimination and with Mars, this elimination process is activated. We purge ourselves of what we no longer need, so that we have room for new growth and evolution. Pluto governs the principles of death and re-birth. Too, as part of this purging experience, we may feel more of a need to talk about or verbalize (Mercury) what has been buried inside ourselves (Pluto). It is an excellent time, for instance, for psychotherapy.

On the shadow side of this highly volatile line-up of energy, and this line-up is very high-wattage, we can easily overreact and overdo, and physically and mentally exhaust ourselves in the process. Mars rules the physical energy in the body, and in alignment with intense Pluto, we tend to extend ourselves to the extreme. We become too stretched.

It is also easier for us now to become embroiled in heated arguments and quick-tempered disputes (Mercury-Mars), particularly bitter, manipulative power struggles (Mars-Pluto). Often with Mars-Pluto we act obsessively in ways that we don’t quite understand, as we are expressing needs and desires that are deep-seated in origin, that have been buried inside, and these things are consciously, for the most part, often unrecognized or misunderstood by us. If we see that more of the negative manifestation of this energy is playing out around us today, especially if we feel like lashing out for no good reason, we may need to find a way to disengage ourselves, while simultaneously searching for more inclusive strategies for compromise, or cooperation with others. This triple conjunction energy can be very healing today, but only if we choose to tap into it in enlightened, non self-serving ways. That is the key.

“The life of man is a struggle on earth. But without a cross, without a struggle, we get nowhere. The victory is ours if we combine our efforts courageously, even when at times they appear futile.” Boniface Wimmer

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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