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“The more I see, the less I know for sure.” John Lennon


The “logical” Virgo Sun opposes “foggy” Neptune (10:33 am EDT). It may be harder for us to discern exactly what’s flitting across our radar screen today. On the one hand, this could open the door to our taking more “creative license” to explain things away. Especially since Neptune does govern our imagination and story-telling ability. A shadow-side manifestation of this configuration might be a temptation to partake in lies or deception; or to otherwise, distort the true nature of something, maybe through acts of omission.

Also, Sun-Neptune aspects are often associated with elements of surrender. Perhaps, partly because our ego energies tend to be lower now, which means we’re more likely to offer up less resistance.

On a more positive note, the Sun aligned with Neptune potentially strengthens our connection to the metaphysical realm, which Neptune also symbolizes. This might be an ideal period to go on a spiritual retreat in an effort to give our lives greater meaning and a deeper context. We may also feel more inclined to want to help others now, in a selfless way. Something that, I believe, we can all agree, is very much needed in the world today.

Question for Today: How might a “lack of clarity” actually be a good thing?

Famous August 29 Birthdays: Michael Jackson, Ingrid Bergman, John McCain, Elliot Gould

“I am living permanently in my dream, from which I make brief forays into reality.” Ingrid Bergman. What a perfect quote for this very Neptunian day!

Enjoy your Friday!

Patrice Thompson

Galaxy Nebula

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