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“Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not understood.” Henry Miller

There are a few confusing or cryptic threads running through today’s cosmic forecast due to thinker Mercury in Cancer’s sesquiquadrate aspect to vague Neptune in “out to sea” Pisces. This is not a major influence, but nevertheless, it can create some misinterpretations or misjudgments, or communication snafus.

Basically, what we’re advised to do, as an antidote to this more ambiguous energy, is to simply clarify things as much as possible. In other words, give our tender brains a little gymnastics workout by asking questions or re-checking facts and figures, etc. This also sends a clear signal to the Universe that we are wise to its wicked shenanigans and that it best not mess with us. 🙂

Too, we have the impulsive Aries Moon chiming in here with a square to Mercury (1:30 pm EDT) which also suggests that we avoid making snap decisions on vital concerns, especially anything family or hearth-related, as remember, Mercury is in “there’s no place like home” Cancer. We also need to keep in mind that Mercury in Cancer has more of an emotional component to its style of thinking, so our feelings are more apt to permeate our thoughts now. We also tend to be more sensitive in our communications.

Later on, we do catch a lucky break with the Moon’s fun sextile to social, lovable Venus in cheery Gemini around mealtime (6:08 pm EDT), so we may want to cap off the workweek by going out to dinner with friends.Whenever Venus’s ray is kindly stoked, we have more of a desire for bonding and connecting. Venus rules our magical “power of attraction.” Venus is, however, also making a semi-square aspect to over-indulgent Jupiter in “jelly roll” Taurus (9:56 pm EDT), so we are urged to practice, at least, some measure of moderation.

“Be moderate in everything, including moderation.” Horace Porter

One more thing. If you’re a gardener, this is a great day to pull up weeds, as we have the Moon in a fire sign (Aries), along with a last quarter phase Moon, which means any weeds pulled now will take a while to grow back. This is because when the Moon is in its last quarter phase, there is a decline in energy, and a fire sign is also minus moisture. Also, a good day to mow the lawn for the same reason. Or, to get a haircut, if we do not want our hair to grow back fast.

Do you garden according to the Moon phases?

Enjoy your Friday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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