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There’s a New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse on November 25th in adventurous, truth-seeking Sagittarius, putting a spotlight on the various areas associated with this sign: philosophy and our belief systems, religion, politics, publishing, higher education, the law, foreign cultures, and long-distance travel. The New Moon Eclipse is occurring at 2 degrees 37 minutes of Sadge (1:10 am EST).

New Moons traditionally usher in new beginnings, while the more highly-charged eclipses tend to “speed things up,” allowing us to “leapfrog” into the future at a seemingly much faster clip than during a standard New Moon. For example, things that we were maybe expecting to happen at a certain point, down the road, may suddenly be occurring now, at a much earlier timetable than anticipated.

Too, even though a New Moon puts a focus on new starts, there can also be abrupt endings that occur around the time of an eclipse. Or at the very least, feelings of finality, involving some events or situations in our lives.  We will want to pay attention to what house (area of life) in our personal horoscopes that the eclipse is falling in for possible clues to where some of this “transitioning” may be occurring, along with noting the planetary aspects this lunation is making in our charts. Eclipse points remain activated zones in our horoscopes for up to six months, although we usually feel their impact within a few days, either side of the event.

This New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is forming a flowing trine to liberating Uranus in spontaneous-acting Aries. This also suggests more of a positive receptivity, on our part, to change and discovery. Also, this bodes well for our being able to to adaptively roll with whatever may suddenly manifest for us with this eclipse. Uranus also rules our intuition, originality, and talent for innovation and invention. Accordingly, we may feel more inspired now to “do our own thing.” Expressing or articulating our opinions and points of view, as well as perhaps trying to rally others over to our way of thinking, may also be included here, with Sagittarius often harboring a mean evangelistic streak. It is the sign of preachers, after all. And politicians! It may be interesting, too, to pay more attention to the protest movements, in the collective, to see if they pick up more steam now. Also, there could be notable events occurring now in the world of politics, maybe even certain politicians exiting (eclipse) the scene. With Sadge also ruling publishing, we might want to eye what titles are being released now, especially if any of them might be game-changers for the collective.

Hopefully, too, with Uranus’s brilliant ray involved, we will also see some major scientific / technological feats, debuts, or discoveries around eclipse time. Uranus rules both  science and technology. With the long-distance travel sign of Sagittarius also involved, perhaps this will include astronomical discoveries or breakthroughs. Too, it could be that we experience personal breakthroughs (Uranus) in our consciousness now regarding our beliefs or higher purpose. Also, we may be able to problem-solve in a more “out of the box” way with the issues going on around us. We should at least challenge ourselves to do so now. Also, the inspiration of Uranus will often come to us as sudden flashes of intuition, so we may want to make sure that we quickly jot down our genius revelations when they appear, lest we soon forget them.

On the shadow side, what we may want to avoid doing now, with this eclipse, is making wholesale changes in our lives for the mere sake of change, without having a clear strategy in mind.  We may also need to carefully consider the consequences of our actions, in advance, so we don’t inadvertently self-sabotage ourselves. Too, the New Moon Eclipse is forming an awkward quinqunx aspect to exaggerating Jupiter in Taurus, the natural ruler of Sagittarius, which can easily incline us to overreach, overpromise, overindulge, and overspend, if we are not mindful.

With communicator Mercury, governing our thinking, also in retrograde phase in Sagittarius, during this eclipse, we are urged to double-check, triple-check, even quadruple-check all of the facts or details in matters, especially with regards to any travel plans, meetings, contracts or agreements. Too, the eclipse is widely square to impulsive, assertive Mars, which can also, on the negative side, scatter our focus and make us somewhat brazen or uncompromising. Of course, we do not have to venture down any of those prickly paths, if we consciously choose to stay on target with our more noble intentions and goals and act responsibly, with consideration for others. Cultivating and maintaining a keen mind-body awareness can also help us out here. When we pay close attention to how our body is feeling and functioning, in conjunction with our thoughts and our environment, we usually intuitively know when we are veering off course, or perhaps getting in over our head, or acting inappropriately. Our body rarely ever lies to us.

“Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body.” Irene Claremont de Castillejo

Compatible activities or avenues of expression for the New Moon / Eclipse in Sagittarius: Teaching/ lecturing/ attending seminars, registering for new classes; writing and or self-publishing; learning new languages; socializing with people from other cultures; involvement with advertisement/PR campaigns; sales and cold-calling; self-promotion; involvement with politics and social causes; taking stands with respect to one’s beliefs; foreign travel; studying world religions; partaking/leading worship or church services; galloping with Trigger into the wild blue yonder at sunset 🙂

Scientific News Update 11/25/11: On the eve of this Solar Eclipse, which happened to trine “breakthrough” planet, Uranus, it was reported yesterday (published in Nature) that scientists have sequenced the genome of a widespread pest, the “spider mite.” The genome is reportedly the smallest arthropod genome sequenced so far.  The “spider mite” is a major cause for house plants turning yellow and getting sick. It reportedly costs $1 billion to control the spider mite annually.

Patrice Thompson

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