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“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” Robert C. Gallagher

The big day has finally arrived! Unpredictable Uranus, the “rebel planet of change,” officially enters action-packed Aries (7:50 pm EST), the cardinal, fire sign of “new beginnings.” Uranus, which is also associated with genius and invention, will stay in Aries for the next 7 years. (Uranus was already briefly here last year, from late May until mid-August, before retrograding back into Pisces.)

Of course, so much has already been written about this planet’s ingress into Aries that I am not going to expound too much more about it here, except to say that I believe it very well could signal a “major shift” in our collective consciousness. Uranus is linked with “liberation” or being “set free” and deposited in adventurous, impulsive Aries it would seem that it would have the overall net affect of making us more assertive (Mars rules Aries) in going after what we desire. Aries as a sign does not want to be held back or restrained in any way, and is willing to fight for what it wants and believes in.  It has a strong “survivalist” mentality. Too, the psychology of Aries is much more self-focused with the keywords for the sign being: “I am.” Of course, electrifying Uranus is also correlated with individualism, so the placement in “self-discovery” Aries is a good fit.

Too, we have already seen the events that have occurred with expansive Jupiter’s movement into “fighter” Aries, late January, which has correlated with the political revolt and uprisings in the Middle East, with the citizenry there seeking more personal freedom and empowerment for themselves (this movement also got underway just as warrior Mars entered group-oriented Aquarius). Also, in the U.S. we have had the vitriolic political revolt in Wisconsin, which came to a head quickly yesterday, as intellectual Mercury moved into fiery Aries and the Republicans hastily, and boldly, passed the controversial bill that strips away almost all collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin state employees. The Aries energy is sort of akin to the discovery spirit of the pioneer of the old Wild West. It’s very gutsy and daring. Full of fearless, self-confidence. (Too, we have ruthless Pluto in governmental Capricorn as a backdrop here. Pluto rules debt and purging and is characteristically very controlling.)

We will also want to see what house (or area of life) in our own horoscope that Uranus is currently passing through, to shed light on how it may be impacting us on a personal level. For instance, we may be feeling more of a “shift” or “call to action” now with respect to the specific affairs of that house. This energizing by Uranus will likely continue, too, for a long time to come. Included here: A real desire to show the world “what makes us tick” as individuals. Again, all this can be very positive, as Uranus tends to propel us out of our ruts and along the path of our authenticity. The shadow side of Uranus is that it can, initially at least,  be very disruptive, especially if we resist making needed changes.

Uranus also rules innovation, science, and technology (including the internet). I expect that with Uranus in pioneering Aries we will see amazing new discoveries and advancements in both of these areas, probably coming to us at lightning (Uranus) speed.

Aside from Uranus moving into Aries today, we also have the daily Moon entering chatty, restless Gemini (12:32 am EST). A time when we will want to put our minds into overdrive to match the Uranian bolt into Aries. Reading, writing, social networking – all forms of communication get the green light, especially during the late evening hours (EST) when the Moon makes favorable aspects to philosophical Jupiter (8:32 pm) and romantic Venus (11:39 pm). Of course, the Moon-Venus influence is all about making a solid “love connection.” Including putting our feelings into words (Moon in Gemini).

News Update: We had an 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan today and resultant tsunamis worldwide. Uranus is associated with earthquakes. So, at least on the surface, it appears that we are not the only ones making “major shifts” now – the earth is also shifting its energies around!

Too, could the earthquake in Japan be a preview of Uranus setting the stage for what’s to come during its energetic passage through action-packed Aries? Let’s certainly hope not! There’s also not any reason to believe that this will be the case either. However, he has definitely gotten all of our attention, hasn’t he? If indeed Uranus even has anything to do with today’s chaotic events. We are only conjecturing here that it does because of the timing.

For a point of reference, too: When Uranus first moved into Pisces, several years ago, is the very day that the war in Iraq started, which was symbolically a devastating quake of another kind. It could be that Uranus unleashes more palpable disruption, at the point when it’s changing signs, in keeping with his more volatile, unsteady nature. Also, this is just an observation of mine here. I always note, too, when major planets change signs to discern the “shift in energy” patterns. Technically, too, Uranus is still in watery Pisces (ruling the ocean and the tsunamis) until 7:50 pm EST today, although when a major planet does switch signs, there is a transition period ahead of time when you can already start to feel its affects and today we are exactly on that crossover border. Of course, our prayers go out to those who are suffering from this tragic, natural disaster. Just read that hundreds of lives have already been lost by the tsunamis. This is a very sad day for many. We must all pull together.

Famous Birthdays March 11th: Rupert Murdoch (80), Antonin Scalia (75).

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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