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“Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.” Jim Rohn


Piatra Craiului, Romania 1

Most of us likely have heard the saying: Keep your nose to the grindstone. Meaning that we should apply our self conscientiously to our work. The Mars trine Saturn influence that we have, tonight, (10:09 pm EST) echoes that same sentiment. It’s an aspect associated with disciplined effort, steely resolve, strategic planning, knowing how and when to pace our self. Mars represents our assertive ability, Saturn our perseverance. The trine aspect signifies ease and harmony.

Too, have you ever come really close to giving up on something that you really wanted, but then decided, at perhaps the last minute, that you were going to hang in there with the matter, until you were victorious – and later, you were victorious? Remember, how good you felt about that success, that accomplishment? Mars trine Saturn periods are often times when we do also have occasion in the world to finally “reap our reward,” for applying our self. At the very least, we’re often able to win over our adversaries, opponents, or those persons who have authority over us, like our bosses, because they’re impressed with how we’ve managed to step up our game, or that we’ve diligently done our homework.

While the Mars-Saturn influence is exact, tonight, it will be lingering around for a few more days, so it may behoove us now to really go after what we want, leaving no stone unturned. Also, in case we’re somewhat unsure of what direction to take, or what to do, we should at least try to challenge our self to put something up on the drawing board, even if it’s only a plan, as that’s a beginning. Taking that action step also signals to the subconscious a willingness to be engaged with our life, and that opens the pathway for greater things to come.

Shortly after the Mars-Saturn trine, tonight, the “empowering” Sun is also having its annual meet-up (conjunction) with “transcendent” Neptune in Pisces (11:55 pm EST), an influence that, by contrast, tends to make us less concerned about achievement in the outer world and more interested in what’s going on within our interior world. This period is an excellent time for journaling, meditation, retreats, dream work, showing others kindness. Also for creative endeavors that allow us to use our imagination and visioning abilities. The Sun-Neptune influence will be around for the next day or two. “Inside us there is something that has no name, that something is what we are.” Jose Saramago

The Moon is also in “adaptable” Gemini, the entire day.

Question for Today: Would you rather have worldly success, or inner peace?

Famous February 25 Birthdays: George Harrison, Rudolf Steiner, Jim Backus

 “If we do not believe within ourselves this deeply rooted feeling that there is something higher than ourselves, we shall never find the strength to evolve into something higher.” Rudolf Steiner

Enjoy your Wednesday. Be safe.

Patrice Thompson

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