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“Before I can become an expert on anything, I must first become an expert on me.” Charles F. Glassman


Maybe, blame it on the “playful, yet studious,” void-of-course Gemini Moon, but, for some reason, I just felt like doing something a little different here, today. So, what I’ve done is embody, what I perceive to be, the “main cosmic energy” of the day into what I feel are three, suitable archetypal figures (or patterns of identity) below, and then formulated a few questions around them. Too, there are no right or wrong answers. More, it’s simply an exercise in what happens to come up for you in the moment. Hope you enjoy!

Who would you rather be holed up with on a desert island, and why?

  1. A reporter (Moon in Gemini)
  2. A monk (Sun conjunct Neptune)
  3. An “Olympic athlete” (Mars trine Saturn)

Which of the three do you think has the hardest job? The easiest job?

Which of the three would you be the least comfortable around?

How are all three roles similar?

If you had to reincarnate as any of the three, which one would you pick?

How might any or all of these three archetypal patterns also be playing out in your life, right now? 

Of course, too, you may also want to come up with your own archetypes for today, especially if none of these resonate with you. You could also even choose archetypes that might be manifesting more of the darker side of today’s energy, simply as models of study. I also just thought of another question to ask: Assuming you believe in a Higher Power, if you were living your life purely from your Spirit or Soul today (Sun conjunct Neptune) – instead of from your “self-survival” oriented Ego – what might you be guided to do now? Any big changes you might consider making? Or, with what you currently have on the drawing board for your self, do you think you would you be following through with this agenda now – or might you be scrapping it, or possibly tweaking it, with your Soul at the wheel? Do you also see your life necessarily “as better” directed from your soul’s compass?

Famous February 26 Birthdays: Michael Bolton, Johnny Cash, Tony Randall, Victor Hugo

“No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

Enjoy your Thursday!

Patrice Thompson 

Lotus Lake Illustration

Copyright 2015

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