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“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” C.G. Jung


Footsteps 2

We’ve all heard: Three steps forward, two steps back. I believe, today, with the Moon entering its home turf of “protective” Cancer (7:50 am EST), and forming a late day trine to “reflective” Neptune (9:59 pm EST), which is still involved in the latter stages of that annual, dreamy conjunction with the Sun, in “transcendent” Pisces, we’re pretty much into that “two steps backward” phase of our journey now. Feeling a need to chew upon our latest moves, or forays into the world.

Some of us, too, may have launched a lot of “rockets of desire,” as of late, with both Mars and Venus entering “initiating” Aries. Too, anytime we put new things into motion, shortly afterwards, if not immediately, we begin to feel the consequences of that activity, and that activity almost always ends up impacting us, to some degree, on an energetic level.

For example, as you may have noticed, I’ve been trying to blog here with more regularity, and have been doing so for more than a week now (it started with Mars applying to a conjunction with my 2 degree Aries Ascendant). But, I must confess, this activity has already come at somewhat of a cost to me. While I like the notion of challenging myself to create something “out of nothing,” the downside of doing this, nearly daily, is that it also routinely requires a good chunk of both my mental and physical energy, time, etc. – yadda yadda yadda. 🙂 So now, with the assist of the “self-nurturing” Cancer Moon, if I’m a smart cookie, I may want to take a moment out here, to weigh the “pros and cons” of this very “self-humbling” endeavor. And, likewise, you may want to do the same thing, with regard to what you’ve recently thrown up onto the canvas of life – to see if it makes sense for you to continue along this trajectory, in the same manner. Or, maybe you – as well as I – will both discover that we need to implement some immediate, corrective, generous self-care measures – a bit of tweaking of things – to stabilize or sustain our spirit, as well as preserve any remaining portion of our sanity and good humor.

Also, before the “maternal” Cancer Moon harmoniously trines Neptune, tonight, she’s going to square “assertive” Mars in Aries (7:41 pm EST) the warrior planet, suggesting that we may be a little tempted to come out of the self-imposed hibernation mode to consider flexing our muscle, for a flash. Especially if we discern the behavior’s warranted because we’re being taunted, bullied, etc by maybe the dog, the television, or our lovable in-laws. The testosterone laden Moon-Mars aspect is often associated with defensive posturing or maneuvering.

Also, “expansive” Jupiter, governing our beliefs, optimism, and personal philosophy is quinqunx “reconfigurating” Pluto, today. This rather off-kilter influence may inspire us to temporarily revisit some of our beliefs about things, especially those self-limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging or undermining our own interests, or otherwise interfering with our self-growth, in some manner. Too, isn’t it funny how we frequently can get in our own way, and never even know it at the time? Often, the only way we ever even become cognizant of this fact is that an event will occur, or we’ll get sick, etc., and then, all of a sudden, we’re gifted with this amazing, remarkable clarity of how we’ve been keeping our self small due to our convoluted thinking. “You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or falsehood becomes a matter of life and death to you.” C.S. Lewis

Question for Today: Where do you believe that you need to hit the “Pause” button now?

Famous Birthdays February 27:  Ralph Nader, Elizabeth Taylor, Chelsea Clinton, Josh Groban

“Big girls need big diamonds.” Elizabeth Taylor

Enjoy your Friday and weekend!

Patrice Thompson

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