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“Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.” Mark Twain

This may be a good morning to crack the one-liners at the office, as we have the Moon in ‘fun-loving” Sagittarius trining Jupiter in spontaneous Aries (10:18 am EDT), with jolly Jupiter steward of the title, “the cosmic king of comedy.” Jupiter presides over our sense of humor, or ability to include some levity into our perspective. This is also an excellent period to self-promote, self-publish, and or expand upon our brilliant philosophy (Jupiter) of life with anyone who will listen to us.

Later in the day, when the Moon shifts into serious, “all work, no play” Capricorn (4:17 pm EDT), it may be harder for us to casually laugh or philosophize our troubles away, especially for “dull boy” Jack. Although the Capricorn Moon’s sextile to imaginative Neptune in “tipsy” Pisces (5:48 pm EDT) can help to get our creative juices flowing again, especially when Jack meets up with Mr. Daniels at the water cooler. 🙂 We also may have to subdue an inner rebellious streak when the traditionalist Capricorn Moon squares off with “non-conforming,” lone maverick Uranus (10:31 pm EDT), defiantly thumbing for a ride on the “wild west” Aries’ prairie.

Note: We do have a “void of course” Moon in Sagittarius from 10:18 am to 4:17 pm EDT, suggesting it is best to focus our attention on old projects during that span versus taking on anything new.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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mosaic sun: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1327692


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