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The empowering Sun in Taurus is having its annual conjunction with generous Jupiter (9:23 am EDT), a planet that is often billed as the Cosmic Santa. Ideally, this configuration will foster in us a greater sense of optimism and well-being. This is a fabulous day to dream big and envision the world as our oyster.

Communicator Mercury is also trining energizer Mars (4:54 pm EDT) allowing us to express ourselves persuasively with words. This is a wonderful aspect for lively conversation and also for strategic thinking, especially with Mars in analytical Virgo.

The Moon’s immersion into compassionate Pisces also makes it timely to display forgiveness and mercy. Extending the olive branch may be the right thing to do now – especially since Sun-Jupiter can also help us to see the best in others. “Forgiveness is like faith. You have to keep reviving it.” Mason Cooley

Famous People with Sun conjunct Jupiter:  Garth Brooks, Mick Jagger.

BTW, Jagger will be hosting the season finale of “Saturday Night Live” next Saturday. He is also slated to perform on the show. Jagger has his expansive Sun-Jupiter conjunction in entertainment Leo, which should come as no surprise. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones.

Patrice Thompson

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