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Thinker Mercury’s sextile to “fantasy” Neptune (5:59 pm EDT) adds a dreamy quality to our evening.  It’s also positive for projects that engage our imagination. This aspect can additionally stimulate our psychic ability, as well as provoke interest in more mystical or spiritual matters. Sometimes, too, with this influence we experience very vivid night dreams, some of which may even be prophetic (I recently had such a dream with the Sun opposite my Neptune). We may want to keep a notepad and pen by our bed tonight…just in case. I know if I don’t jot down my dreams, I’m apt to forget them. “Man is a genius when he is dreaming.” Akira Kurosawa

In the News: President Obama publicly came out in favor of same-sex marriage on Wednesday, reversing his earlier position. He is the first U.S. president to go on record supporting gay marriage.  Interestingly, in his horoscope now he has Mars, the planet of action, exactly conjunct his natal Pluto, which symbolizes rebirth and transformation. This conjunction is also occurring in his seventh house, the sector of the horoscope that governs marriage.

Mars-Pluto is a very potent influence that can elevate a person’s level of intensity and also make them very determined to achieve their ends. Metaphorically, it can depict someone “going to battle” for what they believe in. It can also coincide with a person making a sweeping change or overhaul in their life. Sometimes this revamping is necessary because there is additional clarity now about a matter. What perhaps served the person before is likely no longer working, so the person may feel that they have almost no choice but to alter their course.

What are your thoughts about same-sex marriage? Do you think it should be legal?

Famous Birthdays May 10: Bono, Rick Santorum, Fred Astaire.  Also, “yours truly” has amazingly made it to another year. 🙂

Patrice Thompson

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