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“The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.” Kin Hubbard

Even though we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in practical, conservative Taurus, some of us may be willing to take a bit more of a gamble today with our resources. Or, at least muse ourselves about something a little “pie in the sky.” This is primarily due to the placement of the Moon in “reach for the stars” Sagittarius.

Egging the Moon on in the risk-tolerant department today, too, is mental Mercury’s positive semi-sextile to wacky, but possibly “brilliant idea guru” Uranus in “new day” Aries (Uranus also rules our hunches and intuition). Of course, it is conceivable that we could, indeed, come up with some game-changing strategy that could end up putting some extra jingle (Taurus) in our pocket.

Also, love maven Venus is making the very same 30-degree aspect to “wild thing” Uranus. This could lead to our giving keen consideration today to the delicious idea of absconding with the cute, produce guy at the local grocery store. 🙂 Venus-Uranus can spawn sudden infatuations, often with types we are normally not attracted to. In general with this aspect, it’s a favorable time for partaking in leisure activities (Venus-ruled) that are refreshingly different (Uranus). Even dressing a little bolder or daring today might give us a big emotional lift.

Do you get a boost when you wear certain kinds or colors of clothing, shoes, or maybe style your hair differently? The late Elizabeth Taylor had her Venus (ruling beauty) exactly conjunct her Uranus in bold Aries and most of us always felt magically enamored (Uranus) by her singular presence on the silver screen. Also, the late Johnny Cash (born just a day apart from Elizabeth) always called attention to himself by dressing only in black. Johnny, who also had his Venus conjunct Uranus, was officially known as “the man in black.” Miss them both.

One other noteworthy thing here about Uranus and fashion: The moment that Kate Middleton stepped out of the limousine at her wedding in April, unveiling her wedding gown to the world for the very first time, Uranus was exactly trining the “royal” Leo Ascendant, indicating something “electrifying” was unfolding then on the horizon (Uranus is likened to a thunderous bolt of lightning out of the blue). Of course, the matter of Kate’s wedding gown, and who designed it, had been the “best kept secret in the world,” for several months.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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